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Eternal Warriors(monster cards)

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    Darkness in my heart, my story in this chart.

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256071.jpg5081-8504  Last Rush 256069.jpg5048-4205  Eternal Punishment 256065.jpg0845-8045  Eternal Punisher 255492.jpg0845-8087  Eternal Reaper 255488.jpg995-8085  Metaform 253153.jpg048-480  World at War 253148.jpg45068-40854  Dark Flight 253144.jpg5080-4054  Knight of the Fire Torment 253139.jpg5048-4805  Shadow Assaulter 252663.jpg8906480-484808  Fortune 252453.jpg41245-45245  Warlord Defender 252449.jpg55325-53853  Forlorn Protector 252446.jpg215-486  Newbie Protector 252067.jpg8640-4505  General Justice 252062.jpg8054-8450  General Fortune 252052.jpg45005-6508  Overheat 252049.jpg7895-7578  Dragonborn Warlord 252047.jpg05518-65280  Death Wing 252041.jpg8970-0237  Fire Archer 252039.jpg5048-4808  Warlord Overheat 252034.jpg4506-8406  Bow of Destruction 252031.jpg4385-4508  Nature Staff 252027.jpg8705-4507  Warlord Hunter 252024.jpg504-408  Forlorn Hunter 252021.jpg5404-4004  Newbie Hunter 252020.jpg5404-4004  Newbie Hunter 251999.jpg5640-4040  Shield of the Last Protector 251996.jpg404-804  Eternal Fusion 251989.jpg0404-4545  Sword of Binding Will 251985.jpg4050-450  War 251981.jpg0168-0440  Retribution Will 251980.jpg5604-4604  Alternative Power 251978.jpg8546046-4504540  Warlord Mage 251977.jpg0404-4045  Forlorn Mage 251976.jpg25078-50480  Newbie Mage 251975.jpg1655-5060  Warning Danger 251974.jpg04504-543450  General Maldred 251973.jpg0768-3535  Warlord Warrior 251972.jpg5054-4278  Forlorn Warrior 251967.jpg040-518  Newbie Warrior




SRY for images if you wanna check em the link is right nex to the card



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...Ugh. Not posting card images right and no lores for lots of cards.

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