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Maeriberii Haan

[CFV] Triple Paladin MLB

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1x Wingal Brave [SFV]


12x Royal Paladin Critical

4x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)


2x Listener of Truth. Dindrane

4x Flash Shield, Iseult

4x Little Sage, Marron

3x Toypugal

2x Knight of Frienship, Kay


3x Blaster Blade

3x Blaster Dark

4x Blaster Blade Spirit


2x Majesty Lord Blaster

3x Great Silver Wolf, Garmore

3x Knight of Explosive Flames, Palamedes


Just messing with the standard MLB builds. Garmore is a fantastic alternate ride. fetch Dindrane for a draw, or BBS for a retire.

Gancelot are there mainly to search BB more reliably. Main ride is usually BBS.


Ay suggestions? Should I run the BD chain, or should I stick to Wingal Brave?

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I'd rather run Wingal Brave, because given your grade 2 line-up, it's a win win situation that sets up your late game all the better.


I mean, with the BD ride chain, the space it takes up means you lose out on stuff like Palamedes and Toypugal columns after you've got MLB's static effect off. Or at the very least just Toypugal to let your RG collums make an easy 18k with the regular blasters. 


Garmore as a back-up ride is actually really interesting, and it's quite neat.


How's Soul Saver work out? Since... Eeeh, I'm iffy on it. I'd rather have Paladmades's there, and Toypugal in the Grade 1 line. (Well not 4 of them, maybe 3, and with Kay in the back-up for essentilly extra pressure if you need it.

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I've seen it used. Just because it lets you fix your hand a bit. One is perfectly fine for it. I mean you never ever want to get stuck on the VG with it, but that goes without saying.


And... thinking about...


I'd go for:

-2 SSD

-1 Garmore


And then three Palamades. Because you can reliably search MLB, you can afford to run that grade 3 line-up, because Palamades your pressure on top of the two crit VG, as being able to hit Crossrides effortlessly is amazing.

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Tbh, I always like keeping draws in. Especially if you are aiming to get the  +10k off at somepoint. Besides, there at times the+3k can help, like forcing the extra 5k shield out of a Crossride when you've got an 8k booster.


I've seen trigger line-ups in MLB being really weird depending on what you want them to do. I've even seen a 8 stand/4 Draw variant that just wanted to make the most of Palamades. So if you wanted 12 crit, you probably could.


Alfred is normally the back up Vanguard iirc. But since you're running Garmore in that slot, you might as well keep it.

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