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DNYCS 3 Boston Tournament Report - Top 8 with Bujins

Dueling Network Bujins Tournament report


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DNYCS 3 Boston tournament report (bujins, pre-shadow specters).  For those of you that don't know, a DNYCS is Dueling Network's equivalent of a Yugioh Championship Series.  It's kind of like a regional in that 4 of these are held and if you do good enough in them you qualify for DN Worlds.  152 people entered this tournament.  It had 8 rounds of swiss followed by a top 16 cutoff into single elimination.  
Round 1 vs prototype97 (unknown)
Due to having a 16 hour time zone difference (according to the GMT thread that was made) we weren’t able to meet up to duel and so we both received a tie for this round.  They later dropped from the tournament.
Round 2 vs Grand Line (Dragon Rulers)
Game 1 they obliterated me pretty fast.  In game 2 they had exhausted most of their graveyard resources and only had 1 or 2 cards in their hand while I had a Yamato with horn of the phantom beast, turtles in the grave, and a crane in hand. Then they used sixth sense to draw 5 and flipped return from the different dimension, made colossal fighter, and proceeded to OTK me (I had 8000 life points too).  They had 100 life points left when they won.  Grand Line also later dropped from the tournament.
Round 3 vs Orange Gadget (earth machines)
Game 1 he was using machine gadgets with redox, but I had vanity’s emptiness to shut him down.  He did manage to destroy it once, but I had a second one ready which secured my victory.  Game 2 he didn’t play anything face-up on his first turn.  All I remember of my hand was that my only monster was bujingi crane and I had  Kaiser but no Yamato.  Expecting gadgets still, I think I just set some non-threating spells/traps and passed.  He then proceeded to Karakuri OTK me.  If I knew I was facing karakuri I would have played the crane and the Kaiser.  Game 3 it again seemed like he was playing a completely different deck, geargia this time.  All I remember is that this game was long and grindy but I eventually won.  Orange Gadget was later disqualified for failing to post for activity more than once.
So many people had dropped or been disqualified by this point that I believe I was in top 64 at this point.  If not, then I was by the end of the next round.
Round 4 vs fireanshu (unknown)
I never was able to catch him on DN, but I received the win since he didn’t post for activity.  He did not make that mistake again, and ended the swiss rounds in 51st place, high enough to receive points for top 64.
Round 5 vs Mister You (unknown)
Again I wasn’t able to catch my opponent, but again they didn’t post for activity so I received the win.  This was his second time failing to demonstrate activity after not being able to duel his opponent, and as such he was eliminated.
I was ranked 27th at the start of round 6.  
Round 6 vs Raycorra (Infernity)
Game 1 he went first and exploded on his first turn.  I think my hand was 2 Forbidden dress, Mirror Force, Kaiser, and Bujingi Crane.  I drew into another Bujingi crane.  I should have scooped so he didn’t know what deck I was playing, but I decided to play it out and lost.  Game 2 I sided in Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, but it was quickly killed off by Infernity Break.  I think this was the game (if not it was game 3) where I managed to hold him off with Kaiser, until the very end when he destroyed it and made lavaval chain to put infernity archfiend on top of his deck.  On my turn I played another Kaiser and destroyed his lavaval chain with Bujin Yamato, and he conceded that game (I had turtles in the grave).  Game 3 he must have opened really bad because I was able to keep damaging him with Bujin Yamato without much resistance. Raycorra also later dropped from the tournament.
I was ranked 15th at the start of round 7.
Round 7 vs Doodle (Madolche)
Game 1 I had an early Kaiser to prevent him from swarming, and using up all my bujingi quilins on Madolche Ticket and Modolche Chateau insured my victory.  It took a very long time though.  Game 2 he was disconnected and so I received the win.  (Sorry Doodle)  Doodle ended swiss in 17th place, just shy of top 16.
I was ranked 7th at the start of round 8.
Round 8 vs redgamer7 (dragon rulers)
I played him twice before, once for a clash and once for a YGCS.  He crushed me both times so I was not looking forward to this.  Redgamer7 was ranked 10th when I played him here.  He easily crushed me both games.  I think he won without using return from the different dimension or sixth sense. His defeating me put him in 7th place at the end of swiss.  Redgamer7 went on to get 2nd place in this tournament.
At the end of swiss I was ranked, 15th high enough to go on to top 16.  
Top 16 vs DawnBlade (Fire Fist)
DawnBlade came in 2nd in swiss with a record of 7-1-0.  Game 1 he easily defeated me and that’s all I remember.  Game 2 during the turn before the end I had out Susanowo and Kaiser and on my turn he used MST on Kaiser but I played another one.  On his turn he used a second MST on the new Kaiser and summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark, but I had Vanity’s Emptiness and he conceded that game. (His life points were low.)  Game 3 Fast forward to where Dawnblade has 4600 life points, no hand, and a field of bear, tenki, and 2 set cards and I have 8000 life points, a Yamato in hand, and a field of Kaiser and tenki.  I draw into honest and summon Yamato.  He flips soul drain and tekken.  I attack bear and use honest which would leave him at 2600 lp, but he said he had to go and gave me the win.  His next 2 draws were gyokkou and gorilla, so if I drew another monster to attack with my next turn I would have won anyway.
On to top 8 I went.
Top 8 vs Redgamer7 (Dragon Rulers)
Game 1 I was doing okay with susanowo and vanity’s emptiness until he pitched two blasters to destroy my facedown bottomless traphole, killing vanity in the process. He then used debris dragon to bring back card trooper and synchro into blackrose dragon, and I quickly lost from there. Game 2 I sat behind Kaiser and a susanowo with horn of the phantom beast. He managed to get out Star Eater at one point (I think he destroyed a Kaiser?), but I had bujingi crane waiting for it. I used compulsory evacuation device to return his redox to hand (he only had 3200 life points) and he conceded that game. Game 3 he summoned stardust dragon along with tidal and card trooper on his first turn, in addition to setting some stuff. I opened Yamato, Quilin, Dark Hole, Vanity’s Emptiness, and some other cards I don’t remember. I summoned Yamato and he flipped skill drain. I set vanity and dress and passed. He made more dragons and killed Yamato, dealing significant damage to my life points in the process. I drew into MST and used it to target one of his facedowns, to which he countered with stardust dragon’s effect. I then used dark hole to clear his monsters, and summoned quilin for a direct attack. I flipped Vanity in MP 2 and passed. I think he added some dragons to his hand and passed, so I got to direct attack with quilin again. On his turn I think he trap stunned Vanity and proceeded to win from there.
And that was the end of the road for me.
The deck:
Keep in mind that this is pre-shadow specters so no miakzuchi, hare, or hirime.  Good luck netdecking as it’s horribly outdated.  
Making top 8
Getting my deck published 
Securing my invite to DN Worlds
Not losing to any decks that weren’t named Dragon Ruler
Doing better against Redgamer7 the second time around.
Not winning against even 1 dragon ruler player which was why I picked the deck in the 1st place
Having to duel Redgamer7 twice even though he was offline for 4.5 days before the 2nd time
Not being allowed to use shadow specters for top 16 like we were originally told we could
Feel free to comment.

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