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Angel Card and Card Dragon and a Demon. What do you think? / Cartas Angel y Cartas de Dragon y un Demonio. Que les parece?

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Espero les gusten mis Cartas

I hope you like my cards

FTO Angel, the Angel Warrior Futures Type
When this angel is invoked successfully, all the monsters of the enemy machine type 2000 attack points or more are destroyed.

GRO Angel, the angel warriors
Angel When this monster attacks a face down the difference in damage is applied.

The Sky Dragon of Thunder # 1
This dragon automatically destroy 1 opponent's monster on each of your Standby Phases. depending on the attack and defense of the sacrificed monster to summon this card that will be the attack and defense of this monster.

The Sky Dragon of Thunder # 2
No monster light can destroy this monster. Depending on the attack and defense of the monsters sacrificed to summon this card, that will be the attack and defense of this monster.

Union Dragons the thunders.

This card is used for nothing but sky dragons thunder, this card fuses at 2 dragons (the dragons should be on the field to merge) Send at 2 Dragons to the Graveyard and make a special invocation to "legendary dragon sky the thunders "(special invocation is treated like a normal invocation fusion).

The legendary dragon of thunder
"El dragon del cielo de los trueno 1#"+"El dragon de cielo de los truenos 2#". Este monstruo no puede ser resusitado ni invocado especialmente por ningun efecto. no puede ser fusionado por "polimerizacion" ni por ninguna otra carta magica de fusion excepto por la carta magica "Union de los dragones de los truenos", dependiendo de la fuerza de ataque y defensa de los 2 dragones para invocar esta carta ese sera el ataque y defensa de este dragon, si los 2 "dragones de los truenos" estan en tu Campo y no tienen puntos de ATK y DEF, el ATK y DEF de este monstruo sera de 1000. cualquier carta de equipo para equipar a esta carta sera negado y destruido.
"The sky dragon thunder 1 #" + "The dragon sky 2 # the thunders". This monster can not be Resurrected or relied on for any particular purpose. can not be fused by "polymerization" or any other magical fusion letter except for the magic card "Union Dragons the thunders", depending on the strength of attack and defense of the 2 dragons to summon this card that will be the attack and defense of this dragon, if 2 "the thunders dragons" is in your field and do not have ATK and DEF, the ATK and DEF of this monster will be 1000. any equipment card to equip this card will be negated and destroyed.

Sword Demon of the night
Por cada monstruo tipo demonio o angel oscuro que alla en el campo, este monstruo gana 600 puntos de ataque y defensa,y cuando es Invocado un monstruo tipo angel y hada en el campo, las hadas y angeles pierden 500 puntos de ataque y defensa,cuando este monstruo es destruido en batalla da como tributo un monstruo para que sea Invocado de Modo especial del Cementerio al Campo en los siguientes 2 Turnos.
For every monster demon type or Dark Angel that there in the field, this monster gains 600 points of attack and defense, and when it is Summoned a type Angel and Fairy monster on the field, fairies and angels lose 500 points of attack and defense, when this monster is destroyed in battle gives tribute a monster to be special Summoned from the Graveyard to the field in the next 2 Turns

gracias por ver mis cartas  :) :D
Thanks for viewing my cards  :) :D :)

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