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does anyone know where I could find advice on a diamond dude exploit deck? [not DDT]


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I Hate Snatch Steal

I Hate Snatch Steal

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By that I mean a deck that tries to use diamond dude to 'activate' stuff like final inzektion or megaton magical cannon. Upon remembering such a deck I made in the world championship games, I want to know about it just for the lols.

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YGO pro custom cards community, feel free to join:

Also, if you duel with your cards and have stories to share, then this thread is for you: http://forum.yugiohc...sharing-thread/

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how katio vs mizael should have ended

So, if Yuma forgives Vector for betrayal and evil intentions WAY more often then he should, then why isnn't he doing the same thing with Don 1000? /sarcasm

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Isnt DDT the same as this?


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Its literally DDT. The problem is with running cards like Final Inzektion is because they become dead draws, this is why DDT doesn't use these types of cards

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