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Chain Burn? Blasphemous!

guide way better than pojos chain burn stall alternate win


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Welcome to Chain Burn. If you are unfamiliar with the deck, and are looking for a fun, cool, deck that friends and others will enjoy playing against, leave now. This deck receives large amounts of hate, due to its combination of being an alternate win condition (which many players dislike in general) as well as the large amounts of stall that cause some players to believe that playing Chain Burn is playing solitaire. This is not my opinion, but I respect it. Anyway, now that that is out of the way, it is on to the actual topic.


Welcome, friends, Romans, and countrymen to one of the most math-intensive decks in existence. As with most other decks, you win by making your opponent's lifepoints reach zero before they do the same thing to you. Chain Burn cares not about anything but these two goals (aside from a smattering of card-draw to keep things going). First, I will start with making your opponent's life points zero.






Card Draw/Sifting


Other Stuff


Sideboard Cards


I hope that this can be helpful to players who hope to try out the deck. If anybody wants any cards added, just comment or PM me and I will put it in.




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Woah seems like a bit of a troll deck. Definitely going to try it out on DN :P.

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As someone who still runs Chain Burn to this day, allow me to pitch in my 2 cents.


In the draw department, I personally use 2 each of Jar of Greed and Legacy of Yata-Garasu. But the presented strat with One Day is something I didn't think of. Will toy around with that.


Didn't think of Thunder Short. I'll consider trying it in the sideboard. I need more non-Trap damage output in case the opponent sides in Decree.


I also use Blast Sphere to take out large threats and deal massive damage. This also means that if the opponent wants to go offensive with Lava Golem, they end up taking 3000 damage next turn if they don't defuse the bomb.


Zero Gardna is amazing stuff to go in the defenses department. Being a Quick Effect, this lets you freely build your Chain while granting a Waboku effect. I use it over Waboku primarily because it scoffs at Royal Decree, Chain Burn's greatest weakness, and also it doesn't eat up S/T space. Besides, you have that free Normal Summon, might as well try to be productive with it.


Dimensonal Wall is funny because it modifies who takes battle damage. This means it bypasses all sorts of nonsense that neutralize Effect damage. Since you're playing with next to no monsters, it's effectively a Magic Cylinder.


Gorz is acceptable, though not as effective as Fader or Scarecrow. You do get the ability to liberally clear out your field to make way for his Summon. His stats and Token deter further attacks while also giving you a reason to attempt going offensive.


Book of Eclipse may seem like a generally terrible choice, but at times the non-targeting flip-down effect can be a boon. But then again, that was when I had to deal with Black-Winged Dragons sided specifically against me. Noble Knights have a tendency of getting stumped when they drop all their weapons. The draw afterwards had some synergy with Des Koala, but it can squeeze a bit more damage on Secret Barrel.


Also consider adding a how-to-play part to the guide. My personal tips from experience:

  • Never activate your cards unnecessarily. You're never going to know if your opponent will plomp down a Tuner after you activate Ojama Trio, for example.
  • Be reactive. Use your opponent's actions as Chain Links to squeeze more mileage out of your Chain Strike.
  • Occasionally, intentionally take a few hits or so to fake out the opponent about what you have ready.

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I've found that metaion is a god one to run in this deck too, resets the opponent helping the stall, burns them for the trouble, and is normal summoned, making it dodge most summon traps. it's pretty much certain that the only thing they have that will stop it is ether skill breakthrough, or solemn warning. so I usually side it in second game when they side out their breaks cause normally it's a bad card for the matchup against burn.

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