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Crystal Beasts (A Worthwhile discussion)


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I have been determined to run a competitive Crystal Beast Deck for a while now but there is some glaring weaknesses including Lockdown, Spell and Trap Destruction and even Effect Negation. The swarming power of CB's are not to be sniffed at though and can easily swarm the field with just 1 Ruby Carbuncle. Xyz's have opened up more possibilities by loading the Extra Deck with Ranks 3 and 4 and of course we have the Trump Card Crystal Abundance. I very nearly scored a OTK in my second Duel with it.


So guys and girls, is Crystal Beasts worth running? I am not giving up until I have a decent Deck.

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How to make crystal beasts better:

-Take away everything from the original 7 bar Pegasus and maybe Carbuncle, and insert something good that's non-vanilla instead of them.

-Give a Beast-type RotA.


Pretty much. Deck's too fragile now, but capable of making some unfair plays.

It's nowhere near consistent(since opening Carbuncle is death, and not opening Pegasus is the same) now, and the deck lacked defense without the field spell already being loaded, and that's often too slow for them.

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I think that, Crystal Beasts are one of those archetypes that could have a LOT of potential, but only have support that simply does not meet to the current Meta's standards. Do not get me wrong, Crystal Beasts as a whole are a cool concept, but they are painfully slow to get going, they leave you with less options to run backrow hate, and as Risa said, unless you open up with Pegasus within your first 3 turns you pretty much scoop.

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I've been running a crystal beast deck for a while now, mostly focused around getting Hamon onto the field as fast as possible and nuking the field, however its just an unstable deck type and there aren't many cards that can support the crystal beasts in modern day meta. The nuke of Crystal Abundance is pretty much the best thing these guys have going for them so stalling until you can get the right cards out is pretty much my strategy (through the use of Marshmallon, and Swords/SuperHeavy Samurai)

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