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2014 TCG Dracoswag Mash.dek Super Defense Robot Machina Googly-Eyes 2stronk


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I am not going to lie, I am slowly falling in love with the Super Defense Robot archetype. These guys have such a solid engine, and make Rank 8 plays so easy, and them being machine allow for Machina abuse. There are plenty of machine varients you can mess around with these guys, but I had not seen a "Mash" machine varient of the Deck, so here it is. The Deck is very turbo based, and can swarm with relative ease. It sets up the Graveyard with appropiate targets and just explodes with Googly-Eyes beatdown, or easy Rank 4 plays (with the introduction of Lillybot). Critique and Suggestions are welcomed  :)


Deck List



- Really easy to use Fodder for Machina plays.

- Plenty of Draw Power and consistency.

- Easily spammable Xyz with the right targets in the Graveyard/hand.

- Googly-Eyes is 2stronk.



- Very vulnerable to backrow hate.

- No available backrow protection, making the Decks strategy very fragile

- Pretty much the epitome of "#yolo all in no fear" of Decks.

- Fossil Dyna/Vanity Emptiness makes this Deck scoop.

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