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Number 81: Absolute Ender Venom Deity, Hydra

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Yea, even though it has no ability to place venom counters by itself, I think it still counts as 'venom' support. (Even without venom decks, if you're able to get 3 level 8 monsters, you have yourself a beater... although that's true to Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon too.)

One of my friends challenged me to create a number between 1 and 100 that wasn't already present. (Wanted to make it 108, but nope, between 1 and 100)

When I finished the card with the mentioned friend's help, I decided that it was good enough to uploaded it here, and so I did (The friend's suggestion for the effect was more powerful... and longer so it was hard to read when I pasted it into the generated card in the card maker. His lore will appear below the actual lore, for comparing. When reviewing, referr to my lore) .

So, without further ado, here's the card:







Friends Lore

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