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Build Challenge: Damage/Heal


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One of my favorite Decks to use has been my setup for healing and direct damage.


I keep all the classics- Fire Princess, Spell Absorption, a few copies of Dian Keto, Dark Room of Nightmare, a few Magicians of Faith, Poison of the Old Man, Magical Thorn, Graverobber's Retribution (when applicable), Pikeru, Curran, et cetera.


There's only one problem- a lot of my cards are just outmoded by newer stuff. I was wondering if any of you could update the Deck's formula, possibly mix in a relevant Xyz or two.


Whoever can show me a Deck designed as an update of my current Deck will be surprised- because they'll get a 20-point prize!

You must be the first submitter with a completely designed Deck, and have at least three sample Duels against Decks from the modern metagame to be eligible for the prize.

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November/December AGM Deck Challenge:
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