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Anyone remember an old MMO called City of Heroes/Villains? [15/? Cards so far]

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City of Heroes/Villains was an old MMO I used to play that unfortunately had its servers shut down over a year ago after going strong for... 8 years I think? I think it just slightly pre-dated WoW so it was pretty old. For awhile now since I found YCM, I'd been wanting to make a massive card set to pay homage to the game. Not a single archetype, but more like a full on booster set with potentially hundreds of cards across several archetypes. And so, I've finally started on it now!


Lets start off with the main group of baddies from the game, the legion of Arachnos.


Arachnos Set


EDIT: Big-ish update! Added 2 new cards, and updated the rest to be less crappy. Hopefully they're somewhat playable now.


EDIT 2: Added 4 new cards: Arachnobot Blaster, Arachnobot Disruptor, Arachnos Tarantula, and Arachnos Tarantula Mistress.

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I never played COH myself but I know someone who did. She was pretty bummed when the game was pulled but she recently discovered that one man is trying to get the game back up and running and he's making some promising progress. As for your cards, I like the synergy between them as I was told that these guys would usually show up in droves. I think you should give a little more to the Blood Widow other than just making her simple xyz fodder like maybe some kind of protection effect. Also, I don't think Fortunata is overpowered, she's just right don't change a thing about her.


With that being said I look forward to seeing more COH cards in the future.

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