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True Olympian - Baton Passer Demeter



Level 5 - 2100/1600


If this card is sent to GY by the effect of another "True Olympian" monster, you can Special Summon this card from your GY. You can Special Summon "True Olympian - Baton Passer Demeter" once per turn this way. Once per turn, return 1 Fairy monster from your GY to target 1 other Fairy monster you control, it gains 100 ATK/DEF for each Level the returned monster had. While you control "Winner's Circle of the True Olympians", this effect can be used during either player's turn.


True Olympian - Archer Athena

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True Olympian - Archer Athena

EARTH/Fairy/Level 7/2600 ATK/800 DEF


Lore: If "Winner's Circle of the True Olympians" is activated (Quick Effect): You can reveal this card in your hand; Special Summon 1 Level 7 Fairy monster from your hand. Once per turn: You can Tribute 1 other monster you control; Special Summon 1 Fairy monster from your hand. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 monster on the field; until the end of the turn, that target cannot attack or activate its effects, also if it battles a Fairy monster this turn, while either it or the monster it battles is in Defense Position, inflict doubled piercing battle damage to your opponent. 


If its stats and Summon effect looks familiar, it's meant to.





True Olympian - Javelin Throwing Hephaestus

BDS's new TCG/OCG Card Grading Metric
BD'S' 10 Credos of Cardmaking
The Eternal Debate: Can another Duel Spirit turned Boss-in-Three go together with Yubel in harmony?

I mean, s'not like I'm wholly obsessed with the greatest antagonist in Yugioh history some random Duel Spirit or something...

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Brought to you by The BlaDeS of Change Workshop, now also available on DeviantArt.

And remember kids...

In this world, overcome the odds one card at a time. EVERYONE STARTS AS SCRAP. S'up to you whether you forge it into the change you want to see or not.

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