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Bonding with the Spirits - Spirit Beast Archetype Discussion


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Spirit Beast is an Archetype of WIND monsters that focus on Contact Fusion. They also have 2 sub-Archetypes and 1 series, called Spirit Beast Tamer, Noble Spirit Beast and (Tamed) Sacred Spirit Beast, respectively. All the Tamers are Psychic-Type with various Levels ranging from Level 1-3, and all the Nobles are Level 4 with various Types, corresponding to the Fusion Monsters, and all the Fusion Monsters are Level 6 with Types corresponding to the Noble Spirit Beast it is named after. Along with that, all Main Deck Spirit Beasts can only be Special Summoned once per turn, which is due to the nature of the Fusion Monsters, as they can return themselves to the Extra Deck at ANY time, well, outside the Damage Step, but I digress. To Special Summon the Fusion Monsters, you must banish both 1 Noble and 1 Tamer from your field.


While they're slow to get started up, when you finally have a good amount banished, you have ton of control, since you can easily avoid your opponent's moves, searching whatever you need very easily, and putting up your Fusions fast. They do have the issues with needing to Special Summon to survive, and all their monsters have effects that only work on the field, so counter cards can easily kill them. I really like them, they are simple enough in nature, but require you to think about your moves, since you can only Special Summon them once per turn. They are not the best designed in a lot of ways, but this is more of what I want Konami, not crazy broken things like Qliphort and Shaddolls! And my god, the art people, the art!





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you know, if you're gonna post this before I get the chance to finish a guide, much less post a discussion, you're supposed to post actual content =T

A discussion is supposed to start with someone giving it an actual kickstart, not this glorified wiki profile.

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Leon Heart, amazing channel and underrated.

>I don't have anything to say but I wanted to add to this somehow. qq

I just completely ignore Power Creep by making cards so over powered that they go above Meta. That balances it out.

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