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[Just Tricks] Birdsssss didn't exissssst during the Ice Age


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Over the courssssssse of this little excurssssion, while my fellow monstersssss have been doing their thingsssss,


I have noticed a sssssilent enemy plotting against monssssterkind. 


The otherssss agreessss withsss only a few daysss leftssss to live that we ssshalll have to put foodss in its placesss


yesss, we ssshallss havess to dosss thisss


My freindsss the Operatorsss has already takensss the cowssss, 


In an attemptsss to aquiresss a full barnsss of animals, I regretsss to informsss you that your greatest champion iss on the chop block


Howeverssss, the Winter is kindsss to thossse who cansss withstandssss it


I issssss very lazy, thussss I have employed a traitorsss inssstead of getting involved myssself


I givesssss you threessss peicesss of informationsss to help you forsss my amussement, I sssshall


Unlikesss operatorsssss I givesss you times to preparessss, on the 31sssst, your hero ssshalll vanisssssh....foreversssss


Resssssistance is futile



Beware of birdsssss of differentssss flockssss


You hassss three daysss to ssssstop my minionsssss and ssssave your Herossss


maysss the oddsss be in yoursss favorsss



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I find this cold front very concerning.

hello again, my only friend. together we can play some yugioh

Maeriberii Haan

Maeriberii Haan

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I wonder whether he suffers from a brainfreeze or something.

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I sssssmell yousssssss!!! Theresssssss no esssssscapesss

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