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Duel Portal Glitches Thread


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2.11 fixed the above 2 issues.

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In the Messages section it dosn't let me send pictures to anyone just words..

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Hello I've been using Duel-Portal for about 3 Weeks and for some reason the last 3 days every time i duel someone they can't see my Hand/Deck/Extra and when i play cards sometimes they aren't seen by them my opponents also my first dice roll doesn't work coin flips aren't seen and if i give control of anything to anyone about 50% of the time they can't give it back without it giving a waiting for command option and the chat glitches out for me and they can't see anything i type i tried clearing cache i tried a new computer/browser and making a new account it's done 0 to help all i want to do is test my cards in piece help me please.

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