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What is your Favorite Archetype? (Discussion)

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Hmm, I generally only play arch types that I've created but I do have a few official game favorites (in no particular order):

- Blackwings: The first deck I truly wanted to invest in building, the reason being because Crow caught my interest when he defeated Bommer unexpectedly. I thought that duel would be another Dark Signer defeats non-signer duel. Sadly by the time I saw that ep it was after Blackwing were meta relevant.

- Prophecy (until they got spell book of judgment): I like spellcasters and prophecy seemed like a reasonably good spellcaster archtype. It had been a while since we'd had one of those if ever. I even started collecting some of the cards for the deck. Then Spellbook of judgment happened and I didn't want to be a part of that.

- Galaxy: because of Kaito particularly in contrast with Yuma. Neo Galaxy-Eyes's first summon is one of my favorite scenes in Zexal.


I don't really dislike decks because they are powerful/meta decks. In most cases I see that as a design challenge "what can I make that is an even match for this" However there are some exceptions

Dislikes (also in no particular order):

- Frogs: Either I beat them easily or the have a legal FTK, depending on the format. This dislike does NOT extend to frognarchs.

- Final Count Down (I know its not an archtype but I hate it more then most archtypes put together): Comparable to being FTKed by a loop but it takes longer. You watch your opponent stall for 20 turns and then lose.

- Preformaple: Purely on the basis of art & visual design flavor combined with the fact that I have to watch them in almost every episode of arc-v. Yuma's character may have been painful to watch, but thankfully most of his monster's weren't.

- Masked HEROes: Dark Law for obvious reasons. Also the fact that any future HERO archtype will have to be balanced around their existence. Why couldn't the change spells only work for Elemental Heroes?

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Least Favorite:




Dragon Rulers




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Current likes/hates


Likes (in no particular order)

  • HEROs (although Synchro oriented)
  • Mecha Phantom Beast
  • U.A. (time to build V2 and smash things in a couple of weeks)
  • Ice Barrier
  • Heraldry (now if only I remembered to buy Leo when dealer restocked)
  • Yosenju (if only things weren't expensive to build IRL. And yeah, I'm probably going to get crap about this [although I haven't been running Emptiness due to existence of my own ED + Magatsusenran])


  • BAs (yeah, trigger the hell off of milling and other things. Fire Lake is stupid though)
  • Qlis


A lot of other stuff I'm rather neutral on. 

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Yosenju are expensive to build IRL?

Kamatachi bros are $2/each right now; Daibakaze is $20 or something (not sure if they're still sold out at home).

And generally run triples of each bro.


Plus, there's Vanity's and a bunch of other things.


If I played competitively, I might've considered doing it; but since I don't really (because lack of time/venues), yeah.



Though nowhere near as expensive as Nekroz (I'm neutral on them; I hate being on receiving end but I don't mind using it too much)

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Running the stun build (weasel beatdown) is really dang cheap.

Not common/rare cheap, but closeish to it. I mean, at times you can get most of the cards for free from people that dig boxes for Nekroz.

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I like Tellarknights because I like playing a lot of cards and not having to think really hard. I also like how they don't hide behind being quasi-original and are likely the simplest and most straightforward archetype ever made.


Dragon Rulers were my favorite ever (RIP) because I like big beatsticks being viable.


I dislike Lightsworn because, despite being easy, they're (were? idk if the new support fixes this) inconsistent, so winning with them or losing against them leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feels more like luck than anything. If they were consistent, even if it made them absolutely bonkers, I'd like them more.


Infernities were much the same but they were just so ridiculous that I enjoyed making people upset by using them.

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