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Dragon Ball Super

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Kill Son Goku

Kill Son Goku

    Son Goku Detected!

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I'm actually curious as to why, I'd thought that was the consensus.
I do like the anime, I just think the manga goes into more detail and pays more attention to the smaller things that the show kinda glosses over.

Ooooooh boi, here comes the rant. Now, before I go, I'm not saying the anime is perfect or that that manga doesn't have good things.

I just think the manga's super overhyped.

Warning, spoilers ahead!





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Man, Goku vs Kefla was a good fight.


The episodes have been really solid lately, especially last week's. Lot of emotion, crazy action, and killer team plays. Nice to see some tournament progress as well.

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Currently on episode 65. Definitely feels rushed, but still has that same DBZ addictiveness.


Also, Resistance Mae is bae~


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I watch the Japanese release with subtitles on. So I'm on the current arch at 100-something. Don't remember the exact number but yeah.



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For anyone who doesn't know, the OST for Super is being released on the 28th.


This includes KA KA KA KA KACHI KAZE. I've heard rumors of a single of it being released on the 14th but I'm not sure.


I'm hype.

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