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Warhammer 40,000 & Warhammer Fantasy Club


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Power Armour

Power Armour

    This post you are reading is probably bait.

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Hello there and welcome to the Warhammer club. Joining is very simple as you just have to post a completed application which I will approve. Then you can begin posting.


Even if you don't play the game but like other aspects then feel free to join anyway.



Name: (Nickname to avoid confusion)

Years involved in Warhammer:

Skill Level: (1 to 5 with 1 being highest.)

40k or Fantasy?:

Army/Armies used: (Be sure to note either 40k or Fantasy, and if it's Space Marines, what chapter/chapter tactics do you use?)


Strike out that which is not applicable to you.


Complete this application and odds on you'll be in. Take notice of The Rules.


The Rules.

-Adhere to all YCM rules.

-Adhere to all YCM Clubs and Organizations rules.

-Do not insult players who are new or perhaps made a poor beginning choice.

-Do not be a facetious arse.

-Do not deliberately break any of the above or severe penalties will be put in place. (Club






 Here's my own app for you to get the idea.


Name: Devil
Years involved in Warhammer: 3
Skill Level: 3
40k or Fantasy?: 40k
Army/Armies used: Adeptus Astartes - Imperium Third Street Saints (Ultramarine Tactics)
Now, post for the emperor.




...there's a huge change I was making sure a Gelbooru link didn't stick in my clipboard =D

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