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Uggla6 Released Set - Week 7

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Hello all,
It might appear that I'm a newbie and that's because I rarely use this site even though I acknowledge it as a great site for Yu-Gi-Oh creativity. That being said, I'm proud to say that Yu-Gi-Oh has been a large part of my life in the last several years whether that's been investing, trading, playing both competitively and casually, and finally creating the cards I believe Konami should release someday (heck, I might continue to play). Every card I create is a card that in my head should be printed and would be a viable card in the game. Some cards are better than others and even some people may argue that some of the cards are too powerful, (although I feel that nothing I create could surpass the current meta or where it'll be in 6 months) but all of them have come from the deepest part of my creative. All of my ideas are original; however, the artwork is from some of the amazing artists that exist on the internet. The reason that I'm finally releasing all these sets I've created over the years is because I'm taking a break from the game. I couldn't bring myself to say leaving the game, because I don't think that anything will get me over my nostalgic feeling towards the game and selling certain decks that I hold dearest. However, due to the loss of enjoyment from the game, the last few and upcoming poor formats, as well as the tiredness from keeping ahead of Konami's economic scheme I'm going to be settling down. Even the original creators have moved onto a new game and company and so I thought that was telling me to do the same (the game is Cardfight Vanguard and anyone who is interested in learning or anything else, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help). Anyway, in lieu of this break I'm going to posting a single set/archetype that I have created over the years that I deem acceptable to go to the printing table each week until I've posted all my cards. Before posting I'm going to check for grammar errors and try my best to convert some of my older cards with problem solving text. For those of you here I hope that these cards can give enjoyment to continue on with the game, or at least be the inspiration of some of your own fantastic creations. Enjoy!



As promised I'm posting another set today.  And it is another huge set.  It consists of 20 cards.  It is the Monuments.  They are on the brink of being Tier 1.  They are similar to Wind-ups where they have 1st turn combos that are difficult to recover from and have the potential to make huge come backs.  That being said they are not very consistent and dead draw a lot, but once they get going they are almost unstoppable.  They have non-targeting, non-destroying removal and rely on Tributing from deck.  So here we are another 20 cards for the day, I hope you enjoy them.


Main Monster


Extra Monsters

A place to duel with your (or my) cards online: HERE My Cards:
Week 1 - Varachnads Week 7 - Monuments Week 13 - Dystordia
Week 2 - Piranhacans Week 8 - Stealth Dragons
Week 3 - Noble Novas Week 9 - Venom
Week 4 - Serpess Week 10 - Alcyonosts
Week 5 - Pacific Week 11 - Link Jester
Week 6 - Olympians Week 12 - Elemental Herbs

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