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[Archetype] Burstrious

Burst Fire Burn Damage Inflict Pyro


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This archetype relies on utilizing burn card effects to swarm and/or trigger other effects. Basic concept was adapted from a real Yugioh card called "Achacha Chanbara". In an attempt create a deck to maximize this cards effect(not very successful) I soon designed "Burstrious" to somewhat succeed in what this card could of accomplish if designed into an archetype.

Initially the burn damage dealt was much greater. Each card had dealt around 800 damage however, through testing, the burn damage dealt would accumulate too quickly thus I had to reduce the burn damage to 700 and eventually 500 damage


Card Set (8/8)

Love of Ghibli

Love of Ghibli

    A Calming Breeze

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I like the set. Its like Reverse Aromages. Small advantage over small burns. The only problem I really have is the permanent booster. Its sounds like it combos too well with Volcanic Scattershot and it could be too easy to rack up damage in one good turn. Other than that I like the set as a whole.




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