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Oh yeah! Completely forgot about that! Anyway, here I am:

Name: Kyumi
Strengths: Coming up with ideas for cards, and sometimes executing them in an archetype perfectly. Also, I play the game in a regular basis, so I know the OCG for most effects.

Weaknesses: I barely know the meta-game and as a result, my decks and archetypes tend to be lackluster and stupidly slow. I have never participated in a dueling tournament, but would live to someday. This is why I don't know the meta-game.

Mission Statement: To better myself at making all sorts of cards, generic or archetypal, so I can maybe get a job at Konami. (Unlikely, but what the hell...)

As for the archetypes I nominated, Most if then we're from the archetype game. The only one that wasn't was Attriwitch. But I Will get a link for that soon.

And I'm sorry about the queue thing. I just looked at the last queue update we had and voted accordingly.
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To be fair, I still don't know all of the current meta decks (I want to, but lack of time to run them and YGOPro is slow as shit with updates; coding is hard though, so...) Also I dislike Dueling Book because a few of the users are about as bad as certain problem users; oh hell, I think we got a few of the DB problem users here. 


But yeah, welcome to the AGM. Don't let us down.

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