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Reminder to the following members, who may or may not be active in time: I'm sending the Secret Santa list to Yui on December 1st for shuffling. Your likes and dislikes must be turned in before that time, in case someone who doesn't know you all that well gets you as a recipient.

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That's everyone I know has a possibility of being active. I'm not sure on Uggla, Sleepy, or Sebi.
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Better do this before I forget about it.

-High level monster decks (that can put them out really fast) or anti-meta troll strategies (like Inferno Tempest+Trap-to-Monster cards). Because fuck the metagame!

-Machine, Fiend and Dragon monsters. Trains, Archfiends and Dragunity, my favourite casual decks.

-Light, Fire and Dark archetypes.

-Ritual and Synchro monsters. The first two types of monsters I ever played and I really like their mechanics.

-Card Art. If I find it, I'll definetly put it into the generator and make a nice and complete card and, sometimes, it's there where I find ispiration for an archetype.


- U-Links and Link Monsters in general. I never liked them and never will. MR4 sucks.

-Lockdown strategies and Burn to Death decks. It's "really fun" not doing anything for ten to twenty minutes because the opponent went first and set up a board that can stop anything.

-FROGS. Do I even need to say why?

-Any Cyberse Deck ever. See my lockdown part.
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Not gonna be in the traditional like/dislike format, but instead topic-by-topic.

- Can't go wrong with Ritual Summoning. Fusion decks are pretty cool too, but I also really like Xyz Decks involving Rank-Up-Magics or some sort of in-built Ranking-Up/Ranking-Down mechanic. I'm not a huge fan of Links outside of specifically MR4, or Synchros in any context. Pendulums are fine if they work.

- Favourite Types include Psychic, Reptile, Winged Beast, Aqua even Fish/Sea Serpent and Thunder. Basically anything connected with...

- ...WIND and WATER, my two favorite Attributes. Still, it's not so much the Types I have an issue with, rather their combinations. Like EARTH Warrior; unless there's an archetypal reason that makes it stand out, how generic is that?

- I like unusual Levels, particularly in the upper ranger, but anything other than 4/6/8...which is ironic as its the easiest to do Rituals for. Not extremely fussy here either, though.

-Traps are really cool. I'm not a huge fan of Continuous Spells, but I don't really dislike them either. Normal and Quick-Play for the win though.

- Mechanics wise, I like avoiding banishing as much as possible. I enjoy recycling, fiddling with the Deck and Extra Deck, and I'm not adverse to creative cards which deal with those areas. Variety is great to see in cards, as they don't all have to follow a gimmick to the letter. Hand advantage/disadvantage is something I really like toying with as well. Milling is pretty cool, although I prefer it as a continuous thing you build up to, rather than a OTK or FTK. Which leads to...

-FTKs are bad. Particularly massive plays on one turn; there's always solitaire for that :P I really like dynamic cards, ones that don't necessarily need your opponent to do certain things, but can react to them. Each card is a toolbox, but each card has multiple uses, even if that use is just as a Tuner or an additional named guy for the Mekk-Knight field wincon.

- Lockdown, for similar reason above. It's not fun people, come on. I don't mind certain parts of lockdown, but where 90% of your opponent's moves are shut down unless its only possible past turn 2, no fun at all.

- Favorite real decks are Artifacts, Mekk-Knight (specifically the pure Win-condition variant), Raidraptors and Normal Pendulums. My own favorites are listed in my signature, and ones other have made include Draconus' Raptor Aces, Uggla's Ravenirituals, Sakura's Sunbeasts, Nyx's Moth Princesses and Tinkerer's Ancient Ones.

Ἄργος Πανόπτης

Ἄργος Πανόπτης

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Also, I have nearly finished Galaxy HEROs. Just need to tune some of their effects/stats, but I don't know what monsters to search for comparison, since 11 isn't a common level for spam-heavy decks, and I think I have exaggerated on the effects on the Xyz monsters

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Hey! I'm active. Or at least I try to be / like to think I am. Anyway I'll try to keep mine broad to help give creative process to the other person.



  1. Unique Mechanic (Literally anything somewhat original)
  2. Card Art (Although I understand time is a serious factor and I'll likely do mine written as well)
  • Attributes: DARK, WIND, WATER
  • Types: Wyrm, Dragon, Fiend, Dinosaur, Sea Serpent, Winged-Beast, Reptile, Fish, Thunder, Aqua, Insect, Plant
  • Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9
  • Summoning Mechanics: Fusions, XYZs
  • Other:
    • Opponent Interaction
    • Negates
    • Spell Speed 2 (Quick-play spells, traps, quick effects)
    • Searching
    • Hand Traps
    • LP Gain
    • Balance/Costs
    • Creative naming schemes 
    • Lore/Background/Theme


  1. Improper PSCT and OCG (Incorrect phrasing, punctuation, and capitalization are a pet peeve)
  • Attributes: LIGHT, FIRE, EARTH, DIVINE
  • Types: Cyberse, Spellcaster, Beast, Beast-Warrior, Warrior, Fairy, Machine, Psychic, Rock, Pyro, Zombie, Divine-Beast
  • Levels: 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
  • Summoning Mechanics: Synchro, Pendulums, Rituals
  • Other:
    • FTKs
    • Burn
    • ATK/DEF modification
    • Beat sticks
    • Permanent effects
    • Generic cards
    • Counters
    • Tokens
    • Large Sets
    • Linear play-style


Honestly if you have a neat idea, you can throw any of the bullet points out the window. I certainly do all the time.

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