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Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Pokemon Gijinka Adventure

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    Though time be against us, hope shall ever be on our side.

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"We don't have anything she'd want though," Kazo replied with a shrug. "So it's either we give into her demands, which I won't do, by the way, or attack her, and have the town more than likely think I'm some thug attacking and kidnapping small children. Less than ideal, but better than stealing."


"Well it's a sacred tree where a princess lives, Ari, obviously it must be full of goodies!" Mac nodded matter-of-factly before continuing. "So we're gonna stop the criminal and save the day then?"


"Sure!" Ari said, happy to have made a decision, and it being a decision he was comfortable making.


Eventually, the group met up with Kaitlin. "Took you long enough. Thankfully the timing is still in my favor. I'll need you to distract the people living in there so I can go in and find some treasure. Then you can get your bag back. Simple and easy, in and out, fair trade and all that amirite?"


The Litleo brimmed with nervous excitement, mixed with righteous indignation. He glanced at Mac and Kazo, afraid to say anything that would "mess up the plan."






Easter gaped in shock when Dora of all people, Dora, stood in front of Kah. "Dora, no, you silly little idiot!" he shouted. However, much to his surprise, and relief, she was unharmed, and in fact, it seemed that Kah was the one to get hurt from all of this. Which was...odd. He didn't think Wooper had any such ability, unless this was something like a personal move. He was about to attack Kah when he saw that Brooke had it handled. No, he wasn't sure his attack would even survive through the flames of...whatever attack that was.


Fawkes sat down behind Easter, and the fairy type let out a sigh of relief. Well, that was one child he didn't have to worry about. Why couldn't Dora be more like Fawkes? Or at least have more common sense...


Seeing Denku readying to attack the space alien, Easter wondered if it was about time to target that...creature as well. He powered up a Moonblast, taking extra time to make sure his aim was true. He didn't want to accidentally hit Reshiram in the confusion--okay, that was a lie, but regardless, the dragon of truth was not his target for this fight.






Seeing that Marie looked a little out of it, Keanu chewed on the inside of his cheek in worry. Honestly, this whole scene was a little too similar to the attack on Alola for his liking, but, well, he had always been good at setting aside his worries and leaving them behind while he dealt with the here and now. The past didn't matter, nor did the future. Only the present did. And what was happening in the present was...


A masked Ariados gijinka talking to him. Unfortunately, he couldn't understand it. This called for a game of charades. He shook his head, waving his hands in the air over his shoulders, palms facing the sky. A universal sign of confusion.


Maybe he was worse at charades than he thought, or maybe the gijinka just lost patience. Either way, a String Shot came their way.


Keanu scoffed. Like a silly string would slow him down. He made to move...only to get tangled up in the silk. Annoyed, the electric type sent a Thunder Wave down the string to the Ariados. See how he liked getting his movements constricted.








Lunala sent Solgaleo an apologetic thought at the reminder before turning part of her mind to Tianzi, though the majority remained focused on the ghost type in front of her. Solgaleo could handle that. Fighting was not something she particularly enjoyed, not like her partner legendary.


As expected, the lion accepted eagerly. "So hungry for battle I see! Well we had just finished our own training up so more would have to wait. Though...if you really want to I wouldn't mind tossing you around, little bird." He said towards Tianzi. "That is if you don't mind me taking the offer from you, my lady." He said with joking formality towards Lunala.


Lunala looked up from her conversation to glance at the gijinka. "So long as you don't go overboard," she replied, her tone a mixture of fondness and exasperation. She turned back to the Rotom just in time to catch her response.


The ghost type's eyes had widened slightly. "I...think that it should be done." She said slowly. "Might as well help since I'm here."


Scarlet, Tianzi, and Solgaleo left soon afterward. The air felt much quieter now that they were gone. The ghost legendary smiled. "And that is fine. Not all of us thirst for battle or justice," she made a gesture toward where the others had left, her clothes following her movements and causing the air to ripple and darken. "Sometimes it is just because you are there, and you are needed." Her eyes softened. "Such is my case, as well."

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