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Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Pokemon Gijinka Adventure

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Smug Sultan Saikazo

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"You don't know about Cresselia?" Mac whispered to Kazo. "She's the Lunar Guardian. Her and Darkrai control dreams and nightmares. Which means...."


"Mac, on this whole journey, how many did Legends did me and Ari actually know?" He whispered back before Cresselia continued.


"You have no need to be nervous. Yes, it was I who crafted that dream world for you. As I do for all I deem may need it." Her smile turned forlorn for a moment. "You have indeed struggled far more than what should be expected of you. This place is...a sanctuary of sorts. A place to rest. A place where those who have suffered can escape from the world for a while. I apologize if it felt sudden. I must admit I am rusty with talking with people."


"Did you....want us to stay here?" Mac asked, sounding a bit concerned, and Kazo could see why. They could have been stuck in a dream forever.


Cresselia gave a laugh. A laugh that sounded like moonbeams and starlight, if that had a sound, and shook her head. "Goodness no. I can't keep people who don't want to be kept. All I wished was to give you an offer." She grew a bit more serious then. "You have encountered these Godslayers multiple times now. And you have come through each fight. I must ask....do you intend to face them again?"


"I mean, I'm not actively hunting them down...," Kazo muttered. "But if they try to kill someone else while I'm around, I fully intend to face them...,"



"Aye, that's a long time. But..." Captain smirked at Denku. "All we can really do is hope, right? We live in a crazy world my friend. People are separated all the time. Either by choice or by force. Some more permanent than others. S'pose all we can do is keep on going and see where the winds take us."


"That seems obvious. We live on a ship." Trava said suddenly, from behind Captain. Causing the Pidgeot to jump a bit.


"Sweet Kyogre, Trava, where did you come from?"


"Over there." Trava responded simply.


"I meant...nevermind. But you're right." He turned back to Denku. "I live on a ship. I've already given my fate up to the winds. And it seems you have to, for now, taking on this quest while you have your own goals. You must care for these people." 


"Easier said than done," Denku muttered. He wasn't exactly the strong on the team, now was he? No, that honor definitely went to Easter. Trava suddenly let out an, 


"Ooooh.....Apanie gonna do the thing..."


"The thing...?" Denku asked, before looking at what was actually happening. Apanie was making a giant bolt of lightning, which she fired. "That's just... unfair...," He muttered.




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"So, any idea who this is?"


"Huh? Why would Mac kn--?"


"You don't know about Cresselia?" Mac whispered back. "She's the Lunar Guardian. Her and Darkrai control dreams and nightmares. Which means...."


"Mac, on this whole journey, how many did Legends did me and Ari actually know?"


"Wait, she's a--?" Still, the closer he looked, the more...legendary-ish she seemed. Even more so than the twin fish people had.


Cresselia smiled at the trio. "You have no need to be nervous. Yes, it was I who crafted that dream world for you. As I do for all I deem may need it." Her smile turned forlorn for a moment. "You have indeed struggled far more than what should be expected of you. This place is...a sanctuary of sorts. A place to rest. A place where those who have suffered can escape from the world for a while. I apologize if it felt sudden. I must admit I am rusty with talking with people."


Well, she seemed nice anyway.


"Did you....want us to stay here?" Mac asked.


Cresselia gave a laugh. A laugh that sounded like moonbeams and starlight, if that had a sound, and shook her head. "Goodness no. I can't keep people who don't want to be kept. All I wished was to give you an offer." She grew a bit more serious then. "You have encountered these Godslayers multiple times now. And you have come through each fight. I must ask....do you intend to face them again?"


It would be nice if he could just straighten his shoulders and go, "Of course!" like he had with Celebi. But wanting to be a Chaser and wanting to go off and fight a bunch of bloodthirsty killers was a whole different thing. "Well...actually, I'm scared," he said, looking down. "Those...you said Godslayers? Those Godslayers..." he shuddered. Even the very name sounded terrible and...somehow wrong. Like, people weren't supposed to go around killing gods. "They're super strong, and they don't care about killing gods, or even who they kill to do so. That's scary, and terrible, and just bad." He emphasized the last word. "I don't know...what do you guys think?" he looked at Mac and Kazo.


"I mean, I'm not actively hunting them down...," Kazo muttered. "But if they try to kill someone else while I'm around, I fully intend to face them...,"


Kazo was so brave. Was it wrong that Ari wasn't like that? That he was scared, that he didn't want to always be fighting. He wanted to be stronger, to make others proud, but he didn't want his whole life to go like that. Once he made his people proud, then he could go about living a peaceful life and getting baths from his mom and exploring graveyards with his best friend. Fun things, things he couldn't do anymore. At least not till he became strong enough to protect that kind of life. But I wish I didn't have to do that at all, he thought. Fighting bad guys...I always thought that sounded so cool...until I ended up doing it myself.






"It's time for you to lose." Apanie said bluntly.


Really, she was no fun. And also overconfident. Or maybe that was him. No, Easter thought. If I were overconfident, I would have started with my heavy-hitters right away. Actually, I used to do that all the time. But fighting against her had shown him the error of his ways. Still, there was something therapeutic about throwing a giant pink ball at useless dark or dragon types. If she were a dark or dragon type, he thought. But no, she wasn't, and he wasn't about to let himself get distracted, not now.


Not when she was firing a Thunderbolt into the sky.


Suddenly getting a very, very bad feeling, Easter concentrated on the sky himself. Almost unnoticed amidst the spectacular light show going on with the Rotom, a shooting star fell through the sky.


He watched, hands clasped, as the bolt hovered in midair before crashing back down on Apanie. Is this...a suicide attack? he thought in disbelief. This was the kind of move one used against a legendary, not during a spar on a ship flying through the air. He glanced around suddenly, looking for a familiar Pidgeot gijinka. Captain will kill me if I somehow force one of his crew members to kill themselves...and then kill me twice more for letting her ruin the ship. Faintly, he could hear Brooke shouting, though he couldn't make out what she was saying through the crash of thunder. The air started to tingle, and the fairy type could feel his hair stand on end.


The electrical energy around Apanie began to grow, creating a crackling maelstrom of lighting around the girl. Then she held both of her hands up, her stance wide, an intense expression on her face.




As a blast of electricity arrowed toward him, the only thing Easter could think was, Damn, should've saved my shield for this. As it was, he didn't even try to avoid the move, knowing that that would only be a waste of energy. And even if he did avoid it, if there was somebody behind him... While he might be strong enough to take it, there was no guarantee that anybody else would be, save Captain, Clyde, and maybe Denku or Brooke, though it was apparent that Apanie was a higher level than either one of them, and maybe him too. But what he lacked in pure power he made up for in experience.


So the Sylveon stood his ground as the attack reached him, crossing his arms in front of his face and whipping his feelers out to reach the ground. The more parts of him connected to an insulator, the better.


And then his vision turned white.








The fairy type almost fell over, limbs jerking uncontrollably. Gods, if I thought that Thunderbolt was bad, this was ten times worse. To add the cherry on top of the cake that was this fight so far, he was now paralyzed, and he could taste blood. I think I bit my tongue.


Still, somehow he had managed to retain his position atop the stage, and he straightened, limbs still twitching. If I try to attack now, I'll probably lose control at the last minute and hit somebody else. He felt something drip into his eyes. "You made me bleed," he huffed. It was then that his prior move took effect, and he felt the wounds closing up as strength surged through his body. His legs stopped shaking, and he brushed sawdust off his skirt.


"You're still up," Apanie's voice shifted a fraction off its usual monotone. Her eyes sharpened, taking in the sparks still dancing across his skin. "One way or another I'll win," her voice distorted near the end as a gloomy violet fog surrounded her, and then, like clouds rolling across the sky at jet speed, they rushed toward the fairy type, surrounding him and eating away at his weak spots, magnifying them tenfold.


He knew this move. Hex. It was always a pain to deal with. Literally. He gritted his teeth as the smoke seemed to dig its way beneath his skin, letting out a grunt of pain as he rode out the wave. Still, even through the agony of the move, he felt something deeper, something...more.




This was the life, this was what he lived for. Death-defying battles, fighting for dominance, not knowing whether you would live to see the next moment, but grasping for it anyway. Pain dealt both ways, and the pride of giving everything you had and more. Nobody was holding back now.


When the smoke finally dissipated, Easter was taking in great gulps of air. "Heh, that was nasty. I like that," he bared his teeth in a facsimile of a grin. "But those are ghost types for you. Now, let me show you how fairy types work." He gathered power beneath his hands, revealing a familiar pink sphere. "You could say we have a certain je ne sais quoi." The orb flew at Apanie.


Perhaps it was a mark of how much damage she'd taken, but the Rotom wasn't able to avoid it in time. She panted for breath, a cut bleeding on her lip. Her brow furrowed, the first sign of actual frustration he'd seen from her, and she snapped her fingers once more, electricity sizzling across her skin. Not a second later, she was streaking toward him, and he felt sparks race across his form once more at the impact.




"Heh...heheheh...hahaHAHAHA!" the fairy type threw his head back and laughed, eyes wild and uncontrolled. And then...he stopped. Just as suddenly. "Well," he smirked through lidded eyes, his voice lowering into a purr. "I thought I'd try and be careful. After all, I don't want to burn the ship down. But you're just so interesting. It's really too bad you're a girl," he sighed as the yellow form shot toward him again.


He swayed backward as he got hit once more, and yet, rather than collapse, he balanced on his feelers, falling into a backflip, and straightened to look Apanie in the eye.


The Rotom stared at him, her own eyes narrowing. "What are you doing." While the words were arranged as a question, the tone came off as a flat statement.


"You know..." he mused, apparently ignoring her words. "We both lied earlier. At the time, neither one of us had shown our trump card. Well, you've shown yours, and now it's time to show mine," he beamed so brightly his eyes sank into crescents. "Though I confess that this will be the first time I've used it. Let's hope there aren't any...accidents, shall we?" his voice sang through the air like bells, but Apanie, and perhaps some of the others, would be able to feel his aura clearly in that moment. Aggressive, powerful, and edged in madness.


"This is..." he breathed, shifting his stance. In the next second, he was already moving, a pale pink blur crashing into Apanie with all the force of a shooting star. "My last resort."






Keanu watched, as the attack struck Yveltal in the chest. The dark type shouted as the electricity leapt through her body, and shot through her aura. She hesitated, standing still, head thrown back, before stumbling. Yet she still remained standing.


"Oh gods," Keanu muttered. This was the end, wasn't it? They were going to die, here and now. This was what he got for trying to be a hero, staying to help his friends. Heroes never lived long, after all.


He would know.


The woman lowered her head to look at him and Marie, but for once, she didn't move. Puzzled, Keanu stared back. He felt like he was sweating bullets right about now. Finally, she sank to her knees, and then sat cross-legged on the ground with her head hung, breathing slowing so much that it was hard to tell she was taking a breath at all. "That's enough." She said, her voice cold but not as threatening as before. "You have fought for your lives harder than most. I will no longer fight you, Chasers."


"Oh thank the Tapus," Keanu groaned as he collapsed himself. "I think I got chicken skin from that. And of course we did! I rather like living, after all."


Yveltal glanced over in the direction of the main battle. "They still fight. Bring them the boy's body. That will stop them...The world has changed much in my sleep. You are not like the Chasers I knew but you are....something. Something worth preserving. For now."


"Well, thanks, that's reassuring," Keanu responded sarcastically before looking over at Blake, his previous snark dissipating into grief. "He...he might've gotten a little lolo near the end, but...his heart was in the right place." He felt sick, seeing the Zoroark who had so passionately tried to help his people, lying there, dead.


Oh Manaphy, he was going to throw up, wasn't he?


Choking down the bile that threatened to rise up his throat, the Pikachu staggered upright. "We...should try and get the others up again," he muttered, digging through his berry pouch for a handful of Sitrus Berries, first approaching Randy, and then the mysterious Pikachu, forcing their jaws to chew the fruit into pulp, and then lifting their heads and blowing on their noses to make them swallow. It was then that he noticed something...strange about the other Pikachu.


"Wait, what?" he gaped. "You're not a Pikachu at all!" the shock was too much for him right then, and he fell over, landing on his butt. "It's too early for this," he grumbled. "Or late, whichever."



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Groudon's Mountain Team Showdown

"Hurt by a women?" Scarlet said, tilting her head. She hadn't heard anything like this, at least she was sure she hadn't. And she had followed him for as long as she could remember. Just how much did she not know about the legend...


That wasn't important right now. Celebi had asked a rather interesting question, before waving it off as Scarlet's stomache growled. The girl blushed a bit. "Yeah... I could use some food right now." She chuckled slightly, getting up from the bed. "It has been a pleasure talking to you, Celebi." She said, waving goodbye as she made her way out the door and towards the dining hall.


As she made her way, she saw Taiga was already eating alongside Groudon and Solgaleo. She also saw Isole, who was floating away. "Hey Isole." Scarlet said, waving at the girl, before taking a seat next to Taiga on the table. "Morning, everyone." She said, taking a look at the food on the table.




Northshore Team Karaoke


Lok's teeth clenched as he saw the girl before him. "You mean we killed the lunatic that was trying to murder all of us! When you betrayed us the first time!?" Lok responded. "Sure, killing was... excessive... and not the way I would have handled it. But it was you and them that attacked us, not the other way around!" He growled a bit, the electricity in his hand sparking up again. "Stop trying to blame us for your and his mistakes!" He was ready to attack the girl with a Thundebolt, but he stopped himself. She was right, he didn't stand a chance against her. The sparks in his hands died down. "You're right, I can't beat you."


"Just like you and your master couldn't beat us." What was he doing!? All he had to do was walk away - she didn't seem intent on stopping him. "I might be weak, but at least I'm not dumb enough to think I'm strong!" And yet he couldn't control himself; a surge of emotions he had kept bottled up bursted out of him at that moment. "What, you intend to lie your way into killing a legend!? And then what; everything is just gonna work itself out. Those maniacs are just going to take you back in!?" A chuckle came out of Lok. "You're more delusional than I was for ever trusting you."

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Team Showdown - Sky Palace


"Brain, is that what you call it?" Taiga took time away from stuffing her face to glare at Groudon, only to take another bite out of another meat. "I don't understand why you insist on giving me a name that is not my own."


"Don't be such a stick in the mud, Groudy." Solgaleo said with a laugh. "The girl is just trying to be friendly. Don't you remember back in the day? Gijinka then were much closer to you all than these ones. You should be happy that this girl is so comfortable with us."


"I'm not sure it's the same..."


"Listen, Lord Groudon...I'm not here to worship you or anything.  You're Gijinka after all too, right?"  Taiga swallowed down some more food before continuing.  "I get that you're stronger than most of us, but momma didn't raise a shrine maiden.  Actually...momma didn't raise anyone."  She rubbed the back of her neck.  This sentiment was getting too deep.  "I give nicknames to people I like...alright?  If ya got a problem with that, then I won't mind stickin' to your borin' regular name.  Fufufu."  She said softly, before munching on more meat.  Then, two of her teammates decided to finally show up.  


"This...looks like a hassle."


"Morning, everyone."


As Isole started to walk away, Taiga got up to follow her.  As she passed Scarlet, she waved.  


"Mornin' Chrome Dome."  She said, hassling her friend before reaching out for Isole's shoulder.  "Yo Ice...maybe you should stick around and eat.  I'm not sure if it's because you're a Ghost-Type or somethin', but it looks like you're about to wither away!  Fufufufu."  She then let go of Isole's shoulder before motioning back towards the table.  "I mean...gotta meet all these god's if we're gonna be fighting with them at a moments notice!"  

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While both she and Keanu had managed to land one last attack, the legend still didn't seem to be knocked down. The concern in Marie's face was growing, as was the fatigue that was permeating throughout her entire body. Were the fight against Yveltal to continue, there was no way either her or Keanu had enough to actually defeat them. Thankfully, they didn't need to do anything about that, as the legend had finally yielded, telling them that the fight was over. As Marie was still on edge, she still looked ready to avoid whatever it was that Yveltal was going to throw next but with a few more moments passing the realization of what had happened hit her. Her more combative expression turned one of surprise, then relief, and then joy. She had managed to stand up for her friends against something as terrifying as a legend. She managed to not let herself be beaten by what she found to be one of the biggest bullies ever. And just like Moltres had, she had managed to give everything she had and then some. To say Marie was positively glowing right now was not an exaggeration. Nor was it an expression. It was a fact. 


The young Popplio's bruise and battered form seemed to be covered in a glowing white aura, and eventually that aura had started to grow brighter and brighter. Marie seemed confused by this, but also felt a surge of power start to run through her body, though none would be able to see this expression as the white light became entirely opaque and the girls form started to become amorphous. Shifting a bit, as if going through a sudden growth spurt, the girl grew and her white silhouette slightly changed in shape only for the aura to finally explode off of her. Where the once Popplio stood, now stood a Brionne


Confusion breaking way to excitement, the girl started jumping up and down saying, "guys guys, look. Look!" She looked over to the now recovering friends, before saying, "I did it, I evolved! See, I am an adult!" With a slightly proud, smug and joyous expression on her face, the girl somewhat gloated to her friends. Though she seemed more healthy then a moment before, she was still exhausted from the fight and thus her jumping up and down was broken into a small stumble with the girl barely managing to stay on her feet. Her excitement too was dashed as the other part of Yveltal's statement sunk in. Though she knew what had happened, the girl didn't dare to look at the body for fear of how she would react. 




As he and Gwen were about to go on with their investigation, he couldn't but chuckle at her referring to Fiona and Lok as children. All the same he said, "we can let the kids stay home. I'm sure they're off having fun by themselves right now anyway. Besides, haven't done any exploring for just the two of us before right? So could be more fun."


"Are you suggesting exploring an abandoned mansion is a date?" Gwen asked with a teasing look.


With a playful bow Nine responded, "if the madam will have me."


"Sad to say I'm not the dating type. But I'll at least accompany you for now." She responded, floating past and heading towards the mansion. "Sorry if that's Tentacruel of me." She called out over her shoulder.


Leaning back with his hand over his chest, though still smiling, he said, "you wound me, my fair lady. But, I shall enjoy your company all the same." With that, Nine began following Gwen to the mansion.


The mansion sat atop of large hill. A fence with a gate surrounded said hill. Though it seemed no one was at the gate. The mansion itself was, for a mansion, unremarkable, and only several floors tall. What few windows there were were boarded up and the paint-job was fading. Though it still seemed to be in a state of decent repair. Given it's somewhat bland yet abandoned look, Nine couldn't help but say, "I can see why the kids aren't allowed near here." Turning towards the Mismagius he asked "shall we?" before making his way over to the gate.
Gwen hesitated, then followed Nine over. The duo had made their way over the gate, that was both locked and chained, though neither seemed particularly strong. Not wanting to cause any damage, though, Nine saw that the gate itself wasn't all that high. With a smile on his face, Nine merely said, "haven't done this in awhile." 
After climbing over the gate, landing on the other side, he looked to his ghostly companion. She put a hand on the gate but hesitated briefly. Looking over at Nine she says, with a blush, "Turn around please."
Nine couldn't help but stifle a laugh before covering his eyes and turning. "Just say when."
All Nine could hear was some sounds of struggle as the girl slowly and clumsily made her way over the gate. Then a brief yelp as she fell off the other side. Thankfully, due to her Levitation, she simply stopped before hitting the ground. Pulling herself up she mutters a soft "when."


Opening his eyes Nine still had a smile across his face as he joked, "it gets easier with time." With that, he began to walk towards the mansion's door.
The door was wooden, with various carvings off odd creatures. A large, goat-like, being on top of a cloud while various other animal-like creatures looked up at it from below, and had no doorknob. As Gwen walked up to the door with Nine she casually mentioned. "You do this often then?"
Examining the door, Nine didn't know what to make of it. The carvings themselves seemed to be telling some kind of story, likely about some legend, though he wasn't sure which or what it was saying. Placing his hand on the door, the Houndoom attempted to push it open, yet not surprisingly it didn't seem to budge. As he began to walk around the perimeter of the building, he responded, "well, not a daily habit, but off-limits places tend to have some secrets to offer behind them." 


"There weren't many off-limits places where I come from. Except...a few...." Gwen's voice trailed off as she seemed to be thinking about something.


"Oh? Anything interesting about those?"
"About...what?" Gwen asked, confused as she follows Nine around.

Nine's stride slowed down briefly, but still asked, "about the off-limit places where you come from."

"Oh, the caves?" Gwen said dismissively. "I don't know much about them we were always told to stay away."
"Oh?" Nine looked to Gwen, curiosity clear on his face, though less interested in the actual response and more in how she responded. "You ever curious about what lies within them?"
"Not really. All I was worried about was taking care of my brothers and sisters." As she said this, she seemed to have a glazed look over her eyes. 
"Ah, that sounds nice," Nine said off-handedly. Waiting for a bit, stopping the conversation until they got back to the door, Nine turned back to Gwen. Wanting to test something he merely asked, "say Gwen, what were we talking about?"


"Hm?" She asked. "Well, we should really find a way inside this mansion shouldn't we?"


"We should." It seemed that there truly was something strange about her home. All the same, Nine still had a different job to worry about, and a different riddle to figure out. Unsure how to approach this, the boy decided to go with the obvious and just knock on the door while saying, "helllllooo. Anyone home?" There wasn't a response, though after a few seconds the door did swing open. Stunned at this, Nine couldn't help but bluntly state, "I can't believe that worked." 


"I suppose it makes sense. It's rather rude to barge into someone's home without knocking." Gwen said, with a bit of a scolding tone.


Nine couldn't help but feel admonished, and he had no way to respond to something like that, especially being in the wrong, and as such he just made his way inside the building. Once inside, the room itself was pitch black, neither Nine nor Gwen being able to make anything out. And then the room lit up. With what appears to be hundreds of lights, resembling stars, covering the area around and above them. A light shone at their feet and highlighted where they walked. Off in the distance there was what appeared to be several dozen purple rectangles. Similar to steps and arranged in such a way to create a spiral staircase leading upwards. Each stair glowed with a soft purple light.


Letting out an impressed whistle, and looking to Gwen to both see how she was feeling and gesture her to go along, Nine began to walk towards the stairs. 


Gwen herself seemed to be wide-eyed, and trembling slightly, as she looked around. "What is this..." She muttered, following Nine. "Are you...sure we should be doing this?"


"Of course we should," he states matter of factly. A wide smile and child-like wonder in his eyes, he said, "this is what it's all about. And if there's something interesting to follow, then you gotta." With that, he began his journey to the stairs. 


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Randy started feeling...wait...feeling? Yes, he was beginning to feel again! He stirred slightly, having a strange taste in his mouth. With a slight groan, he started opening his eyes. It was a little blurry for him at the moment, but he knew he was definitely alive still...so that was a plus. Taste in his mouth? Sitrus berry...must've been from Keanu. He swallowed the last bits of the berry taste in his mouth and slowly sat up.


"N-Ngh...akuadamn..." he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck slightly. "...what...?" Randy stopped suddenly on asking what happened. It flashed in his mind almost immediately. He was knocked out...big time, by Yveltal. R-Right...first knocked out...damn...


"Guys guys, look. Look! I did it, I evolved! See, I am an adult!"


Randy was pulled away from his thoughts and looked over, seeing that there was a Brionne standing in the midst of their group now. He saw Keanu...and Kea...nu? Taking a glance over to his one side, he saw that there was indeed a second "Pikachu"...but after a quick rub of his eyes, he noticed that this wasn't looking at all like Keanu. He'd ask questions later...so process of elimination said that this was...


"H-Heh...w-well color me surprised, Marie." he said with a small smile. "Hōʻike iāʻoe..." However, Randy's eyes caught Yveltal still around. Though this time, she looked a lot less hostile than she did before. With a clearing of his throat, he looked to Marie and Keanu. "...give it to me straight. Did we win or lose?"



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Location: Mowloo (Team Alola, Day 15)

Poké: 500

Inventory: Good Rod, Antidote x2, Kasib Berry

"Hey, catch!" Nani knew this sound. It was kids playing in the playground. Catch seemed to be really popular lately, with the local kids throwing around a large ball, half-red and half-white. This particular group seemed to have new rules though. Whoever got hit by the ball without catching it was "captured," and was out of the game and unallowed to speak until they could intercept a catch. Last kid standing wins. Nani wanted to join them, but she'd never been invited, and just going up and asking would be weird, right? No, she'd have to make do with sitting back and watching.


As the ball got tossed to a Crabrawler boy, he reached out to catch it... but his big hands instead sent the ball flying off on a new course! By the time Nani realized it was headed for her, the red-and-white ball was already about to fly right into her face. "Woah, look out!"

But what she was tasting wasn't an oversized toy. It didn't taste nearly rubbery enough for that. Berries? Those definitely tasted like some sort of berry. Oran? No, not quite...


"Wait, what?" Keanu. As Nani returned to consciousness, the first thing she noticed was Keanu, feeding her berries.Yveltal was still in the room, but... not fighting? Did she finally give up? "You're not a Pikachu at all!"


This was a good time for Nani to properly introduce herself, but it was then that she realized. Someone had been that close to her, feeding her food and... "Gaaah!" Nani leapt up to her feet, holding the hood of her costume further down over her face, covering the entire thing. Clumsily turning toward Keanu, she started "No, I'm not a Pikachu. I'm a Mimikyu. My costume looks like a Pikachu, but you and I are completely different species. More importantly!" Nani leaned in closer to the Pikachu. If Keanu looked closely, he might have been able to spot an intense look in the yellow eyes hiding behind the eye covers of her hood. "My face! You didn't look at it, right? I wear this thing for a reason!"


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