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- - - - - Chaos omfg idontevenusethechaoselement


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So this is my most recent creative creation (wat)


Riftwalker. An archetype that consists on Fiend and Fairy-type monsters, being Level 3 and 4, respectively. Their main strategy is to manipulate the original ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field to gain advantage during battles. They also rank-up to get their monsters stronger during either player's turn, hence the big number on the Extra Deck tab.


Main Deck (8)



Extra Deck (10)



Spells&Traps (6)



Any thoughts, feedback, questions, suggestions? They will be appreciated.


[Skill Intensifies]

Riftwalker: An archetype focused around playing with the ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field (it can also run the chaos element) 


Monsoon and Kavalaris coming soon



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I'll rate and Link you a story regards to Peacemaker and Riftwalkers.^^ 



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