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What NOT to ask in this section << UPDATED: 1/1/2018 >>


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This is a list of common things that have been suggested in the past and received answers to them many times over.

Please read this thread before you make a suggestion, or else it will be locked on sight.


1. Cardmaker to be updated or fixed.
This is the most commonly asked, so a layout on the individual features of the cardmaker that will not be added at this time.

Pendulums / Link Cards
We are aware that there exist Pendulum Monsters (and as of February 17th, 2017, Link Monsters) in the card game, and need to be added here (to stay in line with standards). However, keep in mind that adding either of them will take a considerable amount of editing to the cardmaker, given how they are structured.
Yes, a lot of you want them added, but there exist other options that you can use in the meantime.

(i.e. TCGEditor, any GIMP/Photoshop/Magic Set Editor templates in Showcase/Tutorials, such as Zextra/mine's, etc.)


Or just write stuff out until then.
Changing to Set 9 / 10 format
Because of Pendulums, many of you are aware that the card editions are moved to the bottom of the card, as opposed to the bottom left of the image. While it would be nice to make the templates up to date with the current style, it will simply not be done at present.

When YCMaker adds Pendulums/Links (whenever that is), the templates MAY be updated accordingly, however do not count on this.

(Zextra/I have GIMP/Photoshop versions in Graphics Tutorials/Resources if you really need them for series 9; I am currently working on a Series 10 one for GIMP with limited resources.)

Tokens / Custom Templates / Fake Types and Attributes

We HAD Tokens prior to September 2013, but they got removed with the updates.

There is no need for them at present.

YCM's generator is patterned directly after the official TCG/OCG card game, meaning that only accepted Types are permitted.
We will NOT add custom templates for Fake Types and the like; this also means do not ask for an option to make the card templates a custom color.
If you want to design Fake subtypes, just make your card as normal and add "/ FAKE" in the Type box (FAKE is whatever you want your type to be called). For recoloring/Tokens, just use GIMP, Photoshop or whatever graphics program you use.


Same goes for custom Attributes; add them in a graphics program.
(LAUGH will not be added; it only exists on one card.)


Fixing bullet points / problem with accented letters / OCG numbering


I'll address these in order.


The bullet points work for Normal monsters, but not effect monsters or Spell/Trap Cards. If you want to add bullet points to your card, just copy/paste them in your card as normal (when it renders, should leave a small space). Add the bullet points manually in a graphics program, or you can substitute the bullet points with another option.


If your card uses accented letters, then just type them without the accents in the card effect (the card name can handle them).

Some cards do have accented letters in their names.


If your card uses long vowels (with a macron), just use the circumflex vowel (A/E/I/O/U with a "^" over it).

They work fine as substitutes, otherwise add them in a graphics program if lack of diacritics bothers you.


If you want to use the OCG numbering system to keep the amount of text written for hard OPT to a minimum, just use parenthesized/bracketed numbers instead of the circled alphanumerics.


(The Matrix font used for the cardmaker text has certain limitations on what characters it can support)



It should be noted that some members (self included) are working on a test cardmaker to see if we can just build it ourselves. However, there is no guarantee it will work.



While the Super Moderators (Sakura, Night and Flame Dragon) have access to the card maker coding, we will not edit it, bar for minor changes (i.e. addition of Level 0, changing Magic to Spell, etc.). If something goes wrong with the update, the cardmaker may crash and then you will have no cardmaker at all.


Also keep in mind that the Administrator (YCMaker) is VERY inactive as of late, so chances of him updating any time soon are close to none. 


NOTE: Access to the cardmaker coding is currently password locked for an unknown reason. Even if we can get things fixed coding-wise, we cannot access/change it.


In other words, don't ask for the card generator to be updated, except for small aesthetic things.




2. Asking for either yourself or another member to be promoted to a staff position

While yes, we are understaffed in terms of active moderators at present, DON'T ask for either yourself or another member to be promoted. If we need more, we'll set up a nomination/application thread in this section where you can suggest candidates.

A general guideline is that you or a potential candidate should, at a minimum, should:


1. Be registered here for no less than 12-16 months, and have a good reputation with the other members of YCM. In other words, make sure you are familiar with YCM policies and the community in general.


2. Be able to understand the content of the section in question, and be able to maintain order in that area (and YCM, by extension).


If you are a suitable candidate, you will be notified or mentioned in the nomination thread.



3. Anything related to trading real-life cards on this site
In the past (somewhere in 2007-2008ish), we DID have this function, however we don't nowadays.
If you want to trade cards, use Pojo or another trading site.

Staff members here cannot keep track of your trades/transactions.


YCM won't reinstate the idea; end of story.


4. Asking for any form of online dueling function


Dueling Book and YGO/DevPro exist for a reason; please use them.


For those of you who want to duel with custom cards, there is Duel Portal (and DevPro).

If you need to know where they are; Duel Portal is between Advanced Cards and general Card Contests.

YGOPro is a subsection of Advanced Cards.


Temporary note: YGOPro still works, but you cannot download it from the site.


(Dueling Book exists, but you all know it's buggy at times and has its own issues)




5. Asking for a music box or other miscellaneous things


Basically, don't ask for non-essential features, such as a playlist for YCM.

If you want music, open Youtube in another tab, or ask one of the staff members to give you profile music of your own.


We do have a Discord chat for you all to utilize if necessary; please use it if you wish to talk there.




6. Asking for other (card) generators to be added


It is true that YCM has sister sites in PokeCard.net and MtGCardMaker.net; both of which are relatively inactive (or dead).


However, if you want to make cards from those games, just use the sites over there and post stuff here.


Same goes for asking for a CFV/Buddyfight generator, if any exist.


Much like updating the Yugioh generator, YCMaker (admin) is inactive and chances of him updating stuff are close to none. Plus, adding new generators will slow down loading time here, so answer is no.




7. Asking for the age limit to be removed


You must be at least 13 years of age to use any part of YCM, due to the fact that IP.Boards, which this site is hosted on, abides by the Child Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA), and we must enforce the age limit. (If you have parental permission to be here, then you're fine)


As much as we'd like to scrap it as the act itself is riddled with flaws and it is extremely difficult to find out if a member is truly underage, it CANNOT be removed, due to being a government regulation in the United States (which IP.Boards is situated in). 


If you are indeed under 13 and insist on using YCM otherwise, DO NOT divulge your actual age on this forum. If you do, we will be forced to temporarily suspend you until you reach 13.




8. Asking for certain members to be banned


We are aware that there are some members who indeed cause problems on YCM, and you may not like them.


However, if you feel there is an issue with a particular member, then PM any of the staff members. Most likely, one of us may have caught it as well.


We'll look over the situation and determine if a ban is indeed the correct option, or if other sanctions may be applied as necessary.


DO NOT make a thread asking for them to be banned.




9. Asking for silly things


This should be self-explanatory.

Basically, if it makes no sense whatsoever to add it to YCM, it will not be added.


This also includes asking for YCM to have its URL/name changed, even though YCM certainly caters to more things beyond the cardmaker and Yugioh in general.


We ARE open to suggestions, but you MUST provide reasoning for why you'd like to see it added (and have other members support your idea).


If there is a legitimate reason for something to be added and enough support is given, then we will consider implementing it.




Unless otherwise stated, everything that is not listed in this thread is fair game for requesting.


Part of this list is derived from Crab's old one from 2009.

Will be subject to updates if deemed necessary.


If you have any questions about the contents of this thread, PM one of the moderators.

Edited by Flash Flyer - Sakura, 02 January 2018 - 02:18 AM.

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