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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Alois raised an eyebrow as the littler princess seemed to not think he was telling the full truth. While it was true he probably had other stories, prior to meeting the team, they were mostly to do with either bandits or, again, his general day to day living. Neither seemed particularly fun to add though, even in jest, and so he didn't. However, as the girl said that he wasn't stuck at home he merely muttered, "oh is that what it sounded like to you?" The boy was not confined to his house, sure. But home was a lot more than one's house, and while he might not have had an entire kingdom that would try to stop him from leaving, it was still not the smartest of decisions to be un-stuck. Nevertheless, he listened to the girl as she told her story. He was, admittedly, confused, horrified, intrigued and curious as the girl went on about her story. As she finished, he digested the tale for a bit, before finally asking, "but wait, how did the rabbit-" but was cut off as the group made it to camp, where they were greeted with new faces. 


Meanwhile, as the large armored man "reported his status," to the chipper girl she merely slowed down her pacing. Slowly patting the man's armor she said, "good, good. Good to hear you're good." With a smile on her face, she gave the man two thumbs up, before resuming her original pace. It was then, that the group had made their way to their encampment, to which Tsetseg had turned around as they heard a friendly voice come from within the camp. As the girl in glasses made her greeting to the archer, Tsetseg countered with her own thumbs up saying, "Hange! My other favorite person! I'm doing good goodly good!" Once that was done with, Urvan had then called some of the others away, including Hange, which left the archer with only Shaoran as a familiar face with her. However, the boy then decided to give the group a tour to which she simply said, "oh yes, leave all the explaining things to Shaoran. He's like, really smart and stuff, and reads a lot. Which must mean he knows stuff!" 


Alois had a raised a curious eyebrow at this girl's strange energy, but didn't comment any further on it, merely following the tour guide around. He was a bit curious as to what these people sold here, and was actually somewhat intrigued by the weird trade system they probably had going. He wasn't so intrigued that he was going to comment any further on it, but the interest was there. However, as the tour had come to an end, he could suddenly feel a strange presence watching him. Glancing around, the boy saw that the littler princess's piercing eyes were on him, giving him a strange look. It was strange and with purpose. And while he couldn't read it entirely, he could tell the girl definitely wanted him to do something. "What? What are you giving me that look for. Stop. It's weird." Regardless of his aversion, though, the boy didn't really have anything else to do and followed the princess along on her adventurers. Though, were he asked to lift books, he'd merely say, "oh, sorry, I'm not doing lifting practice right now. But hey, it's never too early for you to start."


Eventually dinner had come and though not much had happened during it, the group was eventually summoned by Urvan to go talk about something. Tsetseg had trailed a bit behind the rest of the group, as she wasn't directly summoned, but Alois had moved along with his group. Once there, the group learned more about what was going on. As it turned out they had managed to slay a leader of some large bandit organization, and had apparently incurred the wrath of other bandits in the region. While that was mildly amusing to the fighter, what wasn't was who supposedly hired them to kill the group in the first place. "Oh great, a Galtean noble wants us dead. Now we just need a Locrisian and Isaurian one pissed off at us and we'll get the whole of the continent after us," the boy grimly joked as the explanation happened.


Regardless, once that was done with, the group was lead back to the camp they were staying in. Tsetseg said, "don't worry, I'll navigate you through our camp as no other navigator has ever navigated before to your sleeping area!" With that, she lead the group along, waving to Hange as she passed her until eventually they had managed to settle down. With that done, Tsetseg seemed to bustle off, going to her own devices for the moment.


As the littler princess and the flower knight decided to go and deliberate on the matter at hand, Alois merely gave them a way and said, "good luck." With that out of the way, his attention turned to someone else. Ever since his talk with the littler princess, there was something about it that he couldn't shake. The description that he gave on person in particular, that made him start to wonder something about them. It wasn't as though he had actively been watching her since then, but the moments he had paid attention his thoughts didn't seem any less wrong. And so, with the free time upon them and the new development that the group had been presented with, he felt it a good time to go talk with her about it. Picking himself up, Alois walked over to the crown princess herself and said, "hey there Cat. Don't seem like you've got too much to do right now other than brood so, wanna spar instead?"


While Tsetseg had claimed to be going about her business elsewhere, in actuality, she had circled back to where the group was. Keeping herself as best hidden as she could, the girl analyzed the group and noticed that her prey had been missing from the sight. As such, the hunter scanned the area around until she saw them moving about the rest of the camp. Moving quietly, the girl eventually began to crawl across the ground, steadily and slowly. While their prey seemed to be discussing something heavy, the girl was undeterred in wanting to catch her mark. As such, while Hange was providing to be an excellent distraction for her, the girl eventually pounced. Her hands extended out, ready to wrap around the fluffy tail of Sienna and truly test its fluffiness. 

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