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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Edrick had been expecting many things, and a little lost wolf pup was just about the last on the list. He felt he ought to kill it now: every farmer knew that a wolf that wasn't afraid of people was trouble waiting to happen. The mention of these being 'rare beasts' and that it was highly unusual for them to approach humans did not inspire confidence either. He saw the creature as a man-eater in the making, however much it looked at them adorably. Even so, the others were apparently won over by it, and he supposed the frog Proteans would know more about the creatures of their forest than he, an outsider, would. Not that such thoughts made it easy for him to be relaxed around it. The fact that it was a pup just made him more nervous. He could not stop thinking about its mother, or worse still its entire pack, waiting somewhere in the brush to pounce them for endangering it. In fact he was about to suggest they just leave it.
"Should we follow?" Catriona beat him to saying anything on the subject, and he quickly affixed her with a confused and horrified expression.


"Show us what you need to, little one." And Shiro, their guide, went and sealed the deal before he could protest. Much as he wanted to distance himself from the little creature, Edrick was not going to just run off and get lost in the woods without anyone to show him the way. His sense of direction was good, but not good enough to find his way through this confounded, and seemingly more magical by the second, forest at night. All the same, he took his hand off of Catriona's shoulder, gripped his spear ever more tightly with both hands now, and set about following their guide.


"Men that turn into foxes and frogs, and now a little wolf showing us the way. Are serpents going to start trying to sell us fruit next?" He muttered, decidedly frustrated with this turn of events.

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Riddles... Nothing but riddles... And of course, a secret door leading into a cavern... And another riddle... Sienna didn't have a problem thinking long and hard on something but she was never one for puzzles.

Link set out to scout out the tunnel a bit and returned soon after. "The left tunnel seems to go to the forest you say...yet it likely is blocked off, similar to here, so I doubt that's the way to go. The footprints and unusual nature of the other path leads me to think there must be something important about it. True they may be old prints but this is a place for testing. Clearly the previous test takers must have gone this way...Tsetseg, Link, I am going to investigate, I would like if you came with. Sienna, Ciela, if you could work on what this." Penelope gestured at the possible riddle "means that would help greatly. Of course I will leave it up to you, this isn't a battle. If you feel you'd be better off investigating I won't stop you but be sure to not go too far alone."

Sienna watched as the three of them walked off to the other end of the cavern, leaving her with Ciela to look at the riddle. Sienna looked at the riddle for a moment, almost analyzing it before letting out a sigh. She turned to Ciela. "So... Any ideas?"

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