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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Cohost: Lord CowCow Fire Emblem Adventure Fantasy

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It warmed Sienna's heart to know that her family was now safe and sound, but with all that has happened, the thought of staying behind to help her tribe lingered in the back of her head. However, as her father spoke, this thought started to fade.

"There will be danger, and I ask you to protect Sienna if it comes. She is young yet for a Protean, and still has much to see of the world. Yet, see it she must, if she is to grow." He turned back to his daughter. "Much as I want you to stay here, I would ask that you continue with these people. They are strong enough that I can trust you with them. However," he smiled wistfully. "Obviously, as a father, I would rather you remain here. So, if you truly wish to stay, then I will not say no."

As much as she wished to stay, it seemed like fate had other things in mind. She wanted to stay, but if things like this were happening elsewhere, whether by this Goddess's influence or something else entirely, she needed to help the princess's group. This thought was further encouraged by what Ciela and Edrick said.

"This might come as a bit half-hearted but... Sorry for kicking your father in the back and for charging at you when that bandit held you earlier. And I guess, sorry for pushing you to burn the forest a few days ago, and for acting dismissive at you before and for...

uh... did I miss anything?"


"But yeah. I'm really sorry for all that. Might not be enough, but I'd like to start anew and uh...maybe get along better with you now? Of course, should you stay with us."

"There's a bit more to discuss," Edrick began as he finally spoke up, "than just your daughter's plans for stayin' or leavin', but for my part I don't mind you comin' along, Sienna." He looked at the Protean girl and managed a bit of a smile. "And maybe it's not my place to say, but I'll understand if you decide to stay too."

Sienna felt like she was going to cry, but she held back the tears and nodded before saying a single sentence. "Thank you... I think I'll continuing traveling with all of you..." she said with a smile.

The next morning began with a quiet breakfast, Sienna couldn't help but notice that her father seemed a bit off at the moment, like something was bothering him. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she shrugged it off in the end. After preparations were made, the group headed to the village exit, where they were met with a farewell party that included the frogs and the Patrol.

"Sienna," Rufus said, embracing her. "You have made me proud," he murmured. "I could have nobody better for a daughter."

"I love you, my child," Sandara agreed.

Sienna teared up a bit before wiping her eyes. She smiled at her parents. "I love you, too... Once this is over, I'll come back... I promise..."

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