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Posting a decklist you got from someone else doesn't belong in TCG & OCG Decks.

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"All deck topics are treated as rate and fix topics. This means that, when you post your deck, you will receive comments and evaluations of the deck's quality from other members and suggestions as to how to improve it. If you cannot deal with this, then do not post your deck. If you post your deck and then show that you cannot or will not accept constructive criticism, you will not only appear childish but also run the risk of having your topics closed."




Posting a decklist that you technically got from someone else will not be seen as a "rate and fix" topic but more of a discussion topic, meaning that these topics will be moved to Deck Discussion and Guides. I just wanted to post this topic more to reiterate that TCG & OCG is used purely for your own decks that you are looking for feedback on.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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