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Cyber Ogre Expansion (written)

Cyber Ogre Arch Expansion Machines


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Not sure whether it was done already or not, but I really like Cyber Ogre and Cyber Ogre #2. They really strike me as "brutal" cards, and I felt compelled to expand their archetype a bit (ideas just kept sprouting).

Anyway, here are the custom cards, they mostly revolve around ruthlessly destroying your opponent (there isn't any sort of effect removal here, only good old battle) by having lots of ATK increase and a couple of effect negation (only during Battle Phase, so they are allowed to wreck havoc).

The monster are all Level 5 or higher EARTH "Cyber" monsters and focus on Fusion Summoning and ATK increase (either inherent or by using them as hand-traps).


I will also post the existing cards here (just in written format) for reference (they remain the same here).

Existing Cards


Custom Cards


I also decided to do this because I needed to brainstorm some Fusion archetype concepts (I tried making a Fusion deck before, but had some issues), I did this one mostly for fun (I quite enjoyed doing it) and to try getting some ideas (I'm kinda stuck in other archetypes as well).


Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time.

My babies (Custom Archetypes):

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