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The Anime Fight Club


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Ignore the link don't know how it got there.


If your wondering what anime fight club is well then let me explain.



Anime Fight Club is kinda like DeathBattle.(If you dont know what DeathBattle is then look it up.)

So we put different anime characters against each other and well have them fight.

We look at there stats and moves and maybe forms and see how they would match up against each other.




1. We will have a vote on which match up we will do.

2. Anyone can suggest even the people who aren't in the club.

3. Only people in the club can go over stats and post who would win.

4. Have Fun :3.

5. Respect the mods that are in here.(Rule everywhere on this Forum but whatever.)

6. You can make little scripts or animation or whatever want to do but put it in a spoiler.

7. Follow the Rules.

8. Failure to comply with these rules will result in kick from group

Extra- You get 3 strikes if you have 3 strikes you will be kicked.


So Have fun suggesting and using math and such to find out who will win.







The dead line will end at the end of April 20th.


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