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Sonic the Hedgehog: Solar Tides [IC/Accepting]

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Chimera was quiet as the Egg Carrier flew through the air. It was a slower pace, not the blistering speed this might fortress was capable of... but it would do. The Eggman Robot waited until they were a good distance away before he popped opened a panel on his arm, typing away at it. It wasn't a complicated command, and was something he could probably do without the need of a keyboard... 


But dramatic timing was too tempting, especially for a villainous robot.
"I think it goes without saying that our next stop will be the arctic... We'll regain our strength, and repair Light Piercer as we travel." Axel's eyes narrowed a bit upon catching himself calling the vessel by Ken's name for it. Joy, now all the organics called it that. The last thing he wanted was the damnable name attached to the Egg Carrier, erasing it from history... Like he was sure the organics tried to do with his kind.


"I did say we were going to do that, yes," Chimera commented. "Thank you for being my echo," 
"You seem rather pleased." Axel scoffed whilst idly studying the shape of the view of the pirate vessel as they drew further and further away. 

"... You could say that," Chimera said, grinning with his non-existent mouth as he closed the panel on his arm.



Roxie's merry band of pirates watched as the heroes of the story fly away on the Light Carrier, before they went back to their own positions in the ship. Blake was quiet as he sat in the pilot seat as Roxie sat in her captain seat. 

"Alright, Blakie, take us away, full speed ahead!" Roxie called out excitedly, obviously wanting to make a cool exit. Blake nodded, starting the engines... however, unknown to them, Chimera snapped the panel shut. At the exact moment he did, all the bombs he planted throughout the ship went off, shaking the ship and sending the ship crashing into the ocean water below. The ship itself was fine, but the engines were destroyed in the explosion. Blake cursed a bit under his breath as it happened. 

"He touched my ship again...," He muttered. Roxie however, was laughing.

"Man, they sure got us good, didn't they?" She managed to get out. Blake looked up, shaking his head, but a small smile was on his face as he did.

"Right, let's clean this mess up,"

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Alex looked back at the pirate cruiser until it vanished over the horizon. She looked down at her new arm with a sad look in her eyes before giving a small smile. "Heh... I'll come back alive, don't you worry about that..." she mumbled quietly.

Axel glanced over his shoulder, seemingly meeting her gaze. Though before he says anything, his eyes narrowed and his stare shifted behind her. “There you are...” A certain Cat was standing in the doorway leading inside the ship.

"Who?" alex looked behind her and her eyes widened in shock. "Y-you... Where did you..." He walked up without saying a word before grabbing her in a strong embrace.

"Alex... I'm sorry..." he said.

Her brother... All this time... How did he even get on the ship? She didn't say a word but pushed him off her. "Really?" she clenched her fist. "After what you said... After all these years trying to fend for myself... You expect me just to forgive you!" she said angrily. He had a very sad expression.

“No... I didn’t come all this way for forgiveness. I came because I’m your brother!” He exclaimed whilst slamming his fist against his chest. “I-I failed you... and I don’t think I’ll ever even be able to forgive myself, let alone even think about asking for your forgiveness.” he stated.

"Tch..." she faced away from him. "Why did you have to ruin the mood?" she mumbled. "Next stop... I want you off this ship... And I never want to see you again..." she said looking down.

“I thought you might say that...” He also looked down whilst reaching into his pocket. “You know, half the reason I was so desperate to find you, was because it looks like the world is going to HELL YEAH.” He’ll scoff a little. “I figured I’d make up for it all by coming to your rescue ... atone for my sins by keeping you safe.” he looked around. "But look at you now... What you did in Dewdrop was nuts, but that was just the beginning isn’t? You and your friends... you’re heroes!”

"A lot of good you did with that..." she mumbled. "But no... Dewdrop wasn't the beginning... For me anyway... It started with the attack on the city, before I was transported into this mess... Speaking of which..." she glanced at him. "How did you survive?" she asked.

“Oh? That’s simple...” He suddenly appeared to have a powerful aura about him as he straightened up and smirked. “I ran like hell.” he chuckled before continuing as normal. “I’m still not much a fighter, but if it meant protecting the little sister I abandoned... I’d take on anyone!”

Axel interjected. “You were up here whilst we were fighting the pirates...”

"Someone had to watch the ship." the feline waved him off.

"You ran and hid... Of course you did... But just so you know..." fire flared up from under her. "I don't need protection... Especially from you..." she stated with a fierce look.

“I hear that hot stuff...” He smiled but it’s clear there was a lot of sadness there. “I may not be able to fight like you guys, but there is a way I can help.” He approached Alex again and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m going to spread the word. You and you’re friends are the only ones out here trying to make a difference... but I’m sure if more people knew, they’d start hopping again!” He pulled a small device from his pocket that resembles a fish. It was a communicator of sorts. “Here. I’m not asking for a call every day, but I want you to keep this with you so at the very least I don’t have to go running around looking for you again.”

"Tch..." alex was tempted to crush the communicator right then and there, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

“You’ve grown up so much...” A tear slid down his cheek as he studied her. “Mom would be proud.” He hugged her again. “Take care of yourself, Alex...” Before she could say or do anything, he darted to the railing using his electrical powers. He fell back off the edge of the ship.

"What the!?" she ran to edge and looked down to see her brother flying away on a weird motorcycle-like craft. Alex gripped the railing before walking away and into the cruiser, she headed to her room without so much as a word.



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Axel watched silently as Alex passed him on the way to the ship's interior. His brow furrowed slightly, but he held himself from going after her. There wasn't anything he could say to fix this, Alex had been through so much in such a short period of time.


Sighing, Axel reached down and grabbed Ken by the collar before turning towards the other freedom fighters. "Alex can tend to our wounds tomorrow. I'm going to let Reef take a look at my brother..." As he spoke Axel began dragging Ken forward to the ship's entrance, whilst glancing back over his shoulder. "We did it." His words heralded a flash of light as he and Ken vanished from the meeting spot.


With the meeting over, the remaining freedom fighters also begun heading to their respective rooms for some well needed rest...




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Helio Temple


As the last traces of the setting sun bounced around the mirrors that surrounded the marble throne, Gwynn sat completely motionless, with his gaze set somewhere of the horizon. Though he had free'd himself from Blaze's prison quite some time ago, the Sun God still seemed to be recovering from the battle, with his right arm still slowly reforming from embers up to the wrist. Nonetheless, Gwynn seem to have an amused smirk painted across his face, he sat with his hand to his chin like a statue.

"Forgive me master..." Appearing me from the shadows of the temple, Mephiles quickly took a knee before peering up at the true lord of this realm. "But does something trouble you?" His tone was quite soft, which seemed rather strange coming from the crystalline demon.

There was a tense silence in the room for what felt like eternity. Trembling ever so slightly Mephiles begun to speak again, but was silence when Gwynn's gaze suddenly shifted towards him, causing the a familiar sensation of warmth. Gwynn continued to stare down at his creation for a moment, before smiling yet again.

"On the contrary, my servant. It seems that three of the Chaos Emeralds have been brought together..." Gwynn purred before glancing back over towards the horizon.

"That pack of mortals..." Mephiles growled, clenching his fist at the memory of his last confrontation with the freedom fighters. "I'll deal with them at once." Raising to his feet, Mephiles prepared to take a step back into the darkness, but was quickly halted by a stray ray of sunlight that seemed to bend to block his path.

"You'll do no such thing." Without ripping his gaze away from the horizon, Gwynn slowly slid off his thrown and began moving towards one the temples openings. "That boy... the ivory hedgehog. He usually hides the chaos energy of his ilk, and the emeralds they have in their possession as well." Smirking in an amused manner, Gwynn stepped out onto the ledge and peered into the dark orange sky.

"If you recall, I've decided to allow these heretics to undertake the task of gather my emeralds for me whilst a regain my strength." As he spoke, Gwynn raised his good hand high above his head. "But to leave himself exposed in such manner... could it be that they have grown comfortable?" Flame began to gather in his palms before forming into what appeared to be a large javelin of holy fire

"I will not allow it!" In an instant, Gwynn's amused expression twisted in one of rage. "Such hubris should be punished..." Scowling Gwynn drew his arm backwards before sending his javelin soaring up high into the sky. "Those who defy the gods shall know the wrath of the sun."



Axel sighed, as he and the other freedom fighters began to leave the meeting area. He was completely drained both physically and emotionally, and wanted nothing more but to bring Ken to the medical bay so that they both could get some rest.

However it seemed that the day would have one more hurtle for the group to face...


"What?!" Without warning his senses exploded like Chimera's missiles. With all his hair's standing on edge, Axel spun around and looked towards the horizon, causing the other freedom fighters to also stop in their tracks. Quickly handing Ken off to Zane, Axel darted towards the edge of the deck, his eyes scanning the sea anything that could be giving him such a sensation. Something was approaching. Something faster than he thought possible...

The young prodigy continued to peer out into the night sky for a few moments. However by the time he noticed that the clouds above the ship had parted with a menacing red glow, it was too late. "GET DOWN!" Spinning around Axel frantically tried to call out to the others, but before anyone else could make a move, a javelin of divine flame came crashing down upon them.

The impact was great, rocking the entire ship sending Zane, Chimera and Ken flying. An immense wave of heat washed over the deck, and when the dust cleared, Cynthia could be seen with the projectile through her chest, pinning her to the ground. Her eyes were wide with shock and though she tried to speak, her words were dry and raspy from otherworldly flame.

"N-No..." Taking a step forward, Axel shakily reached out towards the other hedgehog, but before he could do anything to help Cynthia, Gwynn's javelin erupted into a pillar of flame that reached out to the heavens, searing the deck and leaving nothing but ash in it's wake...



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Chapter 7: Refraction




It had been some days since Ken had woken up.  However, he couldn't bare to get out of bed.  It's not as if every muscle in his body screamed every time he made some slight adjustment...no he could get past that pain...but the news he had received.  The news about Cynthia.  Going from one of the team to nothing more than ashes in mere seconds.  He wasn't there to help.  Instead, he lie there unconscious...his body limiting him, and not being able to protect his friends.  


"Pathetic..."  He growled, crashing his hand on the bedside, leaving a dent in it.  "If I can't get this under control...I'm no use to any of them..."  


A familiar ringing could be heard from above, as the speakers started up.  A solemn voice spoke to everyone on board.


"Good Morning Everyone."  Reef said, with a damper to her voice. 


"IT'S NOT EVERYONE!"  Ken roared from his bed, hauling over with his fists over his knees.


"Uhm...not everyone...I mean...I didn't mean..."  The voice quivered before it continued.  "We've arrived at our next destination."  


Ken sat up straight to look out of the porthole of his room.  Outside, the sun shone on ice, reflecting the rays back towards the sky.  Ken stared at it for a long while.  He wasn't sure how to feel.  He could see the denizens of the rather large village stop in their tracks to look at the scene above them.  He could see a small group scuttle out towards the gates, but they were soon out of view as the ship began to land.  


"Warning!  We are under attack!"  Reef said, sounding the alarm.  Ken rose from his bed and hobbled out the door, his fist clenched.  




"C'mon men!  Do ya wanna live forever!?"  A wolf could be heard shouting from the small battalion that headed towards the ship.  He materialized a spear of ice in his hand, and threw it at the Sky Piercer, where it shattered upon impact, causing minimal damage.  The wolf growled, but materialized another spear.  The ship lowered it's door, revealing Ken.  He made a mad dash for the wolf, bringing his fist back for a punch.  The pain was enough to make him drop his arm completely, letting the wolf in front of him clothesline the hedgehog.  The hit was enough to send Ken into a fit of extreme pain, making him fly forward, and skate on his back across the frozen tundra for a large distance.  


"Is that the best you invaders got?!  Bring out your real fighters!!!  We won't be as easy as last time!"  

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What seemed like a few days ago, felt like it happened only yesterday. A sun javelin...sent by who else but the bastard they met in Dewdrop, struck Cynthia and she was nothing but ashes now. While Zane didn't get to know Cynthia all too well, she was still a member of this crew, and that's all that mattered. Right now, it just felt like they had won one battle...but ended up just losing another.


An endless cycle of winning and losing...


Damn... he thought, staring at the ceiling from his bed. There wasn't much anyone could do when it happened. No one expected it, not even Axel. There wasn't really anyone to get upset with. But even still... I feel...like I could've done something. I'm a Dire Wolf...and yet I couldn't do anything to help her.


"Good Morning Everyone. We've arrived at our next destination."


Zane sat up from his bed and made his way to the window. Sure enough, he saw the snowy atmosphere that he had known for all his life. They had indeed made it to the Northern Tundra. He moved and tossed his vest on, letting a sigh escape his lips. Please...everyone...be alright. he thought, before Reef spoke again.


"Warning! We are under attack!"


Under attack? Zane thought as he heard the alarm. He cursed under his breath and quickly made it out of his room, running towards where the bay door was located, quickly tossing his goggles on. Shit...they might not know we're friendly.




"Is that the best you invaders got?! Bring out your real fighters!!! We won't be as easy as last time!"


Zane quickly made it to the bay doors and saw that Ken was knocked back quite far by an arctic wolf. Unfortunately, he didn't recognize him at all...however...perhaps they'd recognize him. "H-Hey! Cool your jets guys! We aren't here to fight!" he shouted, sliding down the lowered bay door.


"Well well well!  Looks like they have an ambassador on board!  Identify yourself immediately, or we'll fire upon your vessel again!"


Zane felt the familiar crunch of snow under his feet as he sighed and lifted up his goggles from his eyes, before looking at the wolf. "My name is Zane, son of the Arctic Freedom Fighter leader Fang." he said. "No one is here to harm anyone."


"Zane huh?  The Zane we all knew left 5 years ago...tried to find a life style different from the Arctic Wolves...A lot's happened since then...So how do I know it's the real Zane, and not some imposter trying to finish the Freedom Fighters off once and for all?!"


"How do I...jeez, I would've immediately thought my bad puns would've given that away. Man that's just cold..." Zane sighed, scratched the back of his neck a bit. "Then again..." he said, his hand now pointing at the vest. "Would some imposter actually be able to copy the look of this vest? My father handed me this when I left. If you look closely, you'll see it resembles Guntiver's vest."


"You think some flimsy piece of Fabric is gonna prove anythi-"


"Fenrir! What's going on here!?"  A voice shouted from behind the small battalion, only to have it's originator shove through in an instant. A large wolf with a scar over his right eye looked upon the ship, and it's inhabitants.  "Zane...is that you?" The wolf placed his fists on his hips. "I had a dream you'd be comin' back here some time ago...but now you're here in the flesh! Welcome back, my son!"


To the side, Fenrir looked a bit miffed, but bowed in the presence of their leader's son.


Zane stood frozen for a moment, seeing his father right there in front of him. He didn't do much, until he finally made a move and ran towards Fang, hugging him. "Dad..." he finally mustered out, trying to keep from breaking. "...I-I'm glad your okay..."


Fang returned the hug, smacking Zane on the back as he did so. "It's gonna take a lot more than an army of ink blots to beat your old man!  But they sure did put a number on us! HAHAHA!"  The wolf laughed heartily, before looking past his son. "So what's goin' on here? You come on some sorta sky vessel and ain't gonna explain?!"


"Heh...yeah..." Zane rubbed the back of his head with a small smile, before nodding. "Yeah, it's sort of a long story. Well, a very long story. But we can explain...one sec." he said, moving away from the wolves, back towards the Light Piercer. "HEY!! Don't worry, everything's under control now guys!"

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