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The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Action Adventure Fantasy A CowCow RP

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Reinaan was impressed to see his makeshift plan work out as the creatures stopped again due to the blow from the flame claw extending from the boy's tail. Lindow had reacted in time to ensure he wouldn't be hit in the process and the Draken was sure to try and turn about to face them again quickly. Piles of flesh dropped from each of them as they nearly fell but it wasn't enough. They still pressed on trying to get them. Lindow's warning to get back seemed wise. The newest of the creatures seemed to be moving their way too. Circumstances were quickly requiring they find an actual way to address these undying monsters. There wasn't much of the room left behind them and with four approaching, three of which were on fire, it was only going to get worse the longer they let it go. The Thunder Chosen seemed to have another magical attack ready which was more than the boy could say about his flame breath. He had already retracted the claw from off his tail to try and conserve on the ability.

"I can't think of what else to do..." he started, a hint of panic setting into his voice. Reinaan had never hunted a pray that couldn't die. The endless shamble towards him, the unnatural strength and weight, the awful stench, it was all building a sense of horror he hadn't experienced before. The bandit chief had felt like he could have died in the process but he hadn't been afraid of him. But these creatures were beginning to get into his head. But he couldn't let it take over. He had to stay calm. He'd coordinate with Lindow again. Working together with the man had always proved to work thus far, it would work again. "Alright... I think we need to sever them at the waist. I'll wait for you to call it." he said to his partner, indicating that he would wait for the man's next move to make his own. He extended the claws from off his right hand in preparation. Once Lindow called it he would attack the one closest to him, the left most of the three on fire. The maneuver would attempt to swipe the claws horizontally at the side of the thing and then try to pull through to the other side. There was no clear indication it would work. Just the idea of attempting to saw a flaming corpse in half that was probably strong enough to throw him across the room was a bit unnerving. But he couldn't think of something better.





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With the scorpion having been felled, Ryia let out a sigh of relief. Looking around, she saw the mounts of the group move around it as well as they had finished their own attacks against the scorpion. Looking over to them she said, "um, thank you for your help." She felt a bit awkward, nodding respectfully towards them, but as the swordsman mentioned the heat the girl nodded as well. Even if she wasn't in her armor, the sun was still unforgivably hot and after just fighting staying out in it was the last thing she wanted. As she walked towards the door, the girl was soon reminded of how she had shoved him earlier and, wanting to apologize and check up said, "oh, um, sorry about earlier. Are you alright?"


He waved her off. "Nothing to worry about, a love tap like that's not going to do me in."


"Oh, that's good to hear." Thinking more on the fight, the girl also remembered something else. Twiddling her fingers around for a bit, the girl was stuck thinking to herself for a moment, before the words were just blurted out of her mouth. "Um, what's your name?" As she realized how odd it probably sounded, the girl's expression became more embarrassed as she looked to the ground. 


"Oh look at that, we're taking the next step in our relationship." He said. "My name is Damien."


Flustered, the girl stammered out, "oh I uh- um, just thought it'd be convenient because yeah um...Nice to, uhh, meet you Damien." Ryia seemed to be in disbelief at herself as the embarrassment on her face did not seem to fade at all. 


"Yes, nice to meet you as well..." As he trailed off he looked to her as if expecting something from her. 


"Right. Ryia. Uh, my name's Ryia." 


As they spoke Ryia soon heard the sounds of wings from behind them, outside of the building. "Let's get away from the door, shall we? Nature is taking its course."


Nodding her head, Ryia said, "right yeAH-" her voice cracking as Damien grabbed her by the hand and lead her inside. Following him inside, the two would soon hear tearing noises from outside as it had seemed that nature was taking its course. With Damien adjusting his sword and sheath, before sitting down on the ground, leaning against the wall. Ryia, meanwhile, moved to the opposite wall of the room, sitting against it as she placed one palm firmly over her face as she looked down to the ground. 

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"Alright... I think we need to sever them at the waist. I'll wait for you to call it."


Lindow could her the panic in the boy's voice. This must have been his first encounter with the undead...


"Keenly observed. Dismemberment is the way to go..." Seeing Reinaan prepare for his next attack, Lindow reached down and grabbed the hilt of the Bandit Cleaver whilst his right other hand continued to dance with static. "After I release Lily's magic, I'll try to weaken our friend further, I need you to strike immediately after me." Their foe's flesh was unnaturally durable, meaning that their best bet was to combine their efforts on one target at a time. "After that we regroup to the left. Our objective isn't to defeat them all, we just need to buy time or disable them until the door opens." 


Not wanting to let their head start be for not, Lindow thrusted his palm forward immediately after conveying his strategy. Blue electricity to the air and crackled fiercely as it bombarded the flaming thralls with it's magical current.


Quickly drawing his hand back Lindow, suddenly dashed towards the mummy on the far left, attempting to widen it's wound with a swift slice with the Bandit Cleave as he ducked down low and darted to the left of the group with his naturally impressive speed.




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The mummies were, yet again, stunned by Lindow's electrical attack. The combination of Lindow's blade and Reinaan's claws, though more-so the latter, managed to sever the mummy at the torso. But only barely.


The creature's flesh hung on but as it lurched forward its upper body detached from the lower. It's legs stopped moving, though didn't fall, and the upper body slammed into Reinaan as the mummy grabbed onto the Draken in a tight grip.


The other mummies would take some time before they began advancing once more.


Meanwhile the mummy on Gilly wasn't budging. In fact it was now in a better position, with its hands on either side of the girl and its face mere inches from her own. She could see its mouth open and would notice that its teeth were blackened and decayed. The smell that came out of it was similar to rotten meat as it leaned down in an attempt to bite onto Gilly's neck.


The other mummy, with its body full of plants, connected with Anis's back and forced her into the ground next to Gilly. The mummy then lurched forward to grab onto the back of the woman's head.


And even as they struggled yet another mummy dispelled from its sarcophagus and headed for Anis and Gilly.






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Gilly had lost her focus and energy briefly, but it was enough for her opponent to take advantage of the opportunity given it, and reposition itself, hands on either side and face mere inches from her own. Its mouth had opened and its breath stank to high heaven as it lowered its head to bite down on the halfling's neck.


"Ew!" she groaned. "You're stinky!" and with that, she summoned an ice spear, and stabbed it, aiming for the head, but if she couldn't reach it, then anywhere she could reach.


Snow was exhausted, and lay limply on his side as he rested.


Hob baa'd when the pink-haired girl said something to him. While he didn't know what she had said, her voice was soft and soothing, so he licked her hand before waddling away.

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