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The Chosen [IC/PG-16]

Action Adventure Fantasy A CowCow RP

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It seemed that this time they were successful. The sand stopped, but it soon followed by yet another drop far down below. The next thing Anis knew was that she was finding herself buried beneath the sands, but thankfully it was not deep and she managed to get out of the pile without being crushed by the sands or getting her bones breaking due to the fall. A cavern revealed itself to the group not far away, and they made they way through it. Gilly led the group as they continued, with the rest being quite cautious on what they might find around the way.


And, at the end of it, they saw Keres. Surrounded by strange stone structures, she was sitting still, but looking very much alive. However, something felt off. Reinaan seemed to feel that too as he instructed the rest to approach the Water Chosen slowly. But rather than following them, Anis chose to stand still and prepare her bow.


"I'll stay in the back. Whatever brought Keres here, they must be still somewhere, lying in the dark. I can't shake the feeling that this might be a trap somehow."


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"Might be?" Lindow scoffed before shaking off the last bit of sand that had filled his robes after digging himself out of the heap a few moments earlier. "She's not dead, and she hasn't left that spot either..."


Shifting his robes to the side to reveal the hilts of his blades, Lindow took a took a step towards Keres whilst glancing around the room once more. "It's a trap. A painfully obvious one at that..." The witch hunter sighed and glanced back to his allies before resting his hand on the Bandit's Cleaver.


"Hang back." His gaze fell on the Chosen of Fire for a moment before shifting over to Keres once more. "Be ready to cover me. I'll retrieve her myself... " Taking another step forward, Lindow extended his free hand towards Keres before calling out to her.


"Just where might you captor be, little Keres? I'd quite like to thank them for dragging us down here..."


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"but well, I was chosen for this. And I want to succeed on this. So, I hope we can."


"Ha, yeah, lotta people hope that." Damien said. "I don't know if you realize this but there's a lot of people who think that things will...get better once you Chosen take the stage. It's kind of funny thinking about how normal you all are. I suppose the Spirits have their reasons though." He put his hand on the sheath of his sword and let out a sigh. "Would be nice to see something good in this world again." He muttered before laughing to himself and smirking at Ryia. "So thinking about trying to get extra close with any of them?"

As the group entered the cavern Reinaan would be the first to notice something. The torch that he had lit on the way here shouldn't have been visible easily due to the distance and direction they traveled. But the light was still quite bright down the path he was watching.


He would soon see why. The flames had went from the torch and somehow had traveled along the walls towards the other torches along the way, lightning them up despite how damp they were. Soon it reached the cavern and lit around in a circle around the entire thing, heading back down the hallway on the other side of the wall.


"Mute Girl! We're here to rescue you and save the day!"


"Just where might you captor be, little Keres? I'd quite like to thank them for dragging us down here..."


Keres looked at them in confusion. They came here just to make sure she was safe? Why? She supposed there were many reasons that it could be. Just like there were many reasons for these eggs that were around her. As for her captor... "I haven't seen anyone, anything, until you." She responded. But that would change rather quickly.


The light that now surrounded the cavern revealed what was hidden in the edges of the room. It also shed some light on the nest which Keres sat. In it, along with the eggs, were piles and piles of bones. And around the edges of the room...stone statues. Of various races in various poses with various expressions of pain and fear.


"Something's wrong" She called out in a raspy voice, though it seemed the ones not named Gilly already figured it out.


They all would hear it then. A slithering noise. A hissing. Rocks falling to the side...And then a creature burst through a crumbling section of the wall to the side.




The thing that emerged was just human enough to make it even more horrifying. A vaguely humanoid, if scaly, upper body that stretched six feet from the floor was attached to over twenty feet of snake tail. The creature had blue scales and had unusual black markings, seemingly some ritualistic painting, all over. Its face was almost that of a woman's but flatter and with a pair of glowing yellow eyes. When it saw the group its jaw unhinged and it hissed, showing its forked tongue and sharp fangs. Even stranger still was the creature's "hair" which was, in fact, a mass of snakes undulating and swaying as the creature slithered closer to the group.


Keres froze up as she stared at the thing. She placed a hand on the wound she had suffered earlier. The one she noticed when she woke up. The one that reminded her of...a snake bite.


"Venomous snakes." Keres warned the group. She still couldn't feel her legs much when she tried to stand and, as she tried to muster the energy for a spell, found that it was in vain. Whatever venom this thing had pumped into her had yet to leave her system. If one of them suffered a bite now...


"Sssssoooooo." The creature spoke. Her voice sounding like a whisper which somehow made it to all their ears. Not only did it reach their ears but it also echoed in their heads. "You wissssh to take my babiesss food? They're ssssoooo hungry after all thesssse yearssss. I won't let them go without for another day. If you resssissssst...perissssh!"


She let out another hiss, the snakes coiled around her head and poised to strike, and her eyes flashed with an eerie glow.






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The torches Reinaan had lit somehow caused a chain reaction, causing the whole line of them to ignite one after the other.  They would be able to see well enough, but something like this had no doubt alerted whatever had brought Keres here. Lindow indicated to the boy that he would go in to retrieve Keres and asked for cover. The Draken nodded in affirmation as he continued watching the chamber. Eggs and bones surrounded the girl, meaning something was indeed living here. Reinaan more heard it before he saw it. The sound of scales sliding along the dirt, rock and sand that was the chamber. Then all at once the side of the chamber blew open revealing a massive snake woman creature. She was more snake than woman but the odd sight of a human-like figure with snake hair and body was unsettling to say the least. The creature was ready to fight for her food as she referred to Keres. Her hair seemed ready to strike and there was the issue of her long body to keep track of.

Despite the initial alarm from the mode of its appearance, Reinaan didn't appear afraid of the creature. His viilage had defended itself from bird creatures bigger than her. And more importantly she didn't seem to be undead like the things they'd fought before. What was a snake before a dragon? Especially one with vulnerable vitals to attack. His confidence lost from the undying foes returned as he felt his instincts driving him straight for the neck of his foe. The boy drew the sword that had been at his side as it was his only physical weapon. His eyes narrowed as he locked into his next hunt. He charged in, holding the sword ready to cut away at any brave lunging snake heads. As he moved he readied his breath, a stream of fire primed for the creature's face should he need it. He had no idea what to expect of the creature's abilities so this would be an important first approach for the group.


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