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Mecha Phantom Beast


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Okay so I'm familiar with some of what the deck needs such as O'Lion, Mega Raptor, and Tetherwolf. But what else would a deck need?



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Archetypal stuff

  • 3 Megaraptor (you know about this by now; power attacker, searcher, generate more Tokens off Aerial Recharge and other methods of Token generation)
  • 3 Harriard (beatsticking, benefiting off your other stuff and SSing more things to help you)
  • 3 Tetherwolf (generates Token on summon, becomes more effective if you already got O-lion in the Graveyard and can banish it to SS another MPB and Rank 7 [or 10, depending on circumstances])
  • 1 Coltwing (You need to trigger this off the SS methods in the Deck and only if you have a MPB out. Yeah, this does generate a lot of Tokens like Hamstrat but the cost is high for its effect; can't really argue with its banishing power though. Used to run 2, but I cut it down to 1 after testing and advice from others.)
  • 1 Blackfalcon (Requires you to attack for that Token, so unless you know for certain you can run stuff over, this is usually saved for later attacks. Softening the opponent is nice though, despite the prevalence of targeting protection on common monsters)
  • 0-2 Blue Impala (I'd probably advise leaving these out if you're going full Xyz or don't like being restricted to Machine Synchros, though you do have stuff like Burei and Dark Strike Fighter as decent options, Power Tools don't help and Concoruda is mixed. I run two of these because my version is mostly Synchro, but you may drop the number as needed.)
  • 2 Hamstrat (generates 2 Tokens when Flip Summoned and lets you revive bosses like Draco/Jaculuslan; I run two right now, but you can try maximum if you feel it works.)
  • 3 O-lion (self-explanatory; recovers Token if used for Synchro, lets you SS an MPB from hand by banishing it)
  • 1-2 Jaculuslan (This protects your other stuff from being attacked; I've not gotten boards where I'd have two up to protect each other, but yeah it's nice. Least it lets you set Scapegoat for Token fodder if it blows up.)
  • 1 Concoruda (I'm on the fence about this one; it's a valid target for Impala to make, but aside from the Token protection [which is nice], the last effect is counterproductive. You can run 1 copy if you want, but I usually don't nowadays.)
  • 2-3 Dracossack (It's not as effective now, given targeting protection, but still a Token generator and destroys stuff as needed.)
  • 0-1 Scramble (I used to run 2, but that extra copy bricked. Just use it to remove excess Tokens for stuff you actually want)
  • 3 Aerial Recharge (Max this at all times; free Token generator every turn and that fuels Megaraptor stuff; also so you have replacement on hand if opponent blows this up via MST/Cosmic/Sliprider, etc.)

Rest of the support cards not mentioned here don't really help at all, so not recommending them.


Generics/other stuff in Main Deck

  • 2-3 Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan" (Like with Impala, I'd leave this out if you want to go full Xyz, but I use it to give more accessibility to Level 7/8 plays as needed since Impala does restrict you to Machine Synchros)
  • 3 Scapegoat (run this to generate protection for MPB, and Tribute fodder for whatever you need to do. I've been cutting it to 2 lately because of brick concerns, but keep this around)
  • 2 Draw Muscle (keep Token around for the turn, then free draw.)
  • 1 Foolish Burial (dump O-lion with this)
  • 1 RUM - Astral Force (you don't need to run it, but does give you a way to do something with dead Dracossacks [as in no more Xyz materials])
  • 2 Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi (use excess Tokens for bouncing stuff away)
  • Any generics you need to run (Raigeki, MST, Bottomless, Notice/Strike, etc.)

Extra Deck generics

  • Karakuri Shogun Burei (This is basically one of your options if running Impala; if you decide to run Saizan, also throw this in here. Run 2 of these)
  • Floaticastle (Use if Jaculuslan is in the Graveyard; revive it and either attack with Jacs or Rank 9. Or you can use this to stall the opponent a while.)
  • Any generic Level 6-10 Synchros (I don't really have a recommended list, since ones I usually have are somewhat outdated for this era of play. Just analyze what your version can make consistently or what you need to counter, then add accordingly.)
  • Gear Gigant X (Most of the time, you will be going Rank 7, but in the event you can't get Tokens, it's something for you to make. Also a secondary searcher if Megaraptor is not present or you have no Tokens)
  • Lightning Chidori (Like above, use this if you do not have MPB tokens and are able to Rank 4, or if you need to bounce something away)
  • Any generic Rank 7s you'd like (Flare Metal, Number 11); if this is for casual matches and you cannot obtain Dracossack because of pricing, Number 42 works fine but ONLY for Astral Force fodder and maybe helping you to make Level 8s off O-lion (I never do this though). Assuming this is for online though, so just stick with Draco.
  • Any generic 2-mat Rank 10s you'd like (I'd usually have Gustav Max, Number 81 [online reasons only] and Gangaridai). There will be a few times where you can make these, but as MPB are mostly R7-oriented, don't spend too much time here.
  • Enterblathnir (If you're running Astral Force, use this off Dracossack or 42 [well, you really have no choice otherwise since no other WIND Machine Xyz exist]. Otherwise, you can use Jacs and Cloudcastle)


The specs I gave are more/less similar to the version I built a while ago with help from others here (which I'm still updating with the advent of newer cards), which gives you a few options to Synchro/Xyz as you need to. I may have missed some other techs that would work here though, but those are more/less the core members that you should go for.


You can modify it as needed for your particular needs and what you feel works after test runs (i.e. remove certain cards that aren't as useful, add more copies or other cards).

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