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Burn spells: A work in progress


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60 Cards Croutoni

60 Cards Croutoni

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More of my ever-growing backlog of stuff to add to DP.


Monsters (only 1)


Spell monsters





a mercenary for justice who's above the law

a shadow man on deadly ground who's out for a kill

a dangerous man, born to raise hell, driven to kill

the perfect weapon, the final option

butterball seagal


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The problem with spell monsters, unlike trap monsters, is that you can activate them without waiting, and just spam the field as soon as you get them in your hand (think of monsters that can be SSéd from your hand with no hard opt clauses or conditions at any time during your turn and from your backrow during your opponent's). The burn part of those spells would actually be the least used if used in real life. These will be used for R4NK mostly. They are able to be SS'ed at any time during your turn (even the BP) as a 2100 ATK level 4 that cannot be destroyed by card effects and with no restrictions (vulnerable to spell destruction-yes, but restricted-no). There isn't a level 4 in the game that is as versatile in R4NK spam builds as these would be. Also, they are splashable as heck. I can already see the Volcanic builds too (probably the archetype that can use these to their full potential, not saying it's the best idea though).


Now for the cons that are actually not cons- ASF slows them down (a bit), but even then, you can just activate them on your opponent's turn since they are quickplay, and you'll just have to use them as trap monsters (which isn't bad). I also thought it was good that they could die by simple spell removal and that was balancing them out, but no, you actually can't since they can't be destroyed by card effects (even while face down). There really aren't any cons to these, or an easy way to stop them.


The bigger problem here is that Spell monsters are very hard to balance, and I don't think you've managed to do it here.









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