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Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [OOC/Not Accepting/Started/PG-16]

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This post exists for two announcements. First off, my first post in this thread (right below the OP) has been used and turned into a roster post! Please confirm that any information I've listed is accurate, and let me know if I missed anyone. Second, I'll be writing Hiromi out of the RP soon-ish. I'm just not feeling her in this RP's context anymore. Her replacement is below.

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'takes one deep breath before posting this'

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Could someone catch me up on what's happened so far?



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Could someone catch me up on what's happened so far?

Tournament Shenanigans:

Furiko vs Kyouji resulting in the former's loss as an exhibition match 

Now in its later stages, Jet vs Kuria is going on

Meanwhile the Blank Card holders are all splitting up to see if they can find anyone suspicious that might be a wicked god user 


Spirit World Shenanigans: 

Everything was fine but then the Wicked Nation Attacked. 

Daichi and not!Gajeel have their fated rematch 

This guy named Aladjinn summons ignites and they go attack the magic citadel 

By the way Aladjinn turns out be Wicked Eraser as he summons himself 

Miero gets provoked by the Eraser and the two start dueling/fighting each other. 

Current Status of the area: 


Posted Image



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So everyone is on the same page. I will do one final host post, which will come out sometime this week.

Chaos Sonic will then take over as new host while I'm gone, I don't know how long it will be, maybe a few months to a year, but until then, Chaos Sonic is the host.

I've given him detailed notes, so he knows what to do. Trust in him.

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