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Yugioh: Forsaken Legends [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Hanae raised an eyebrow at the utter lack of concern in her opponent to be's voice but said, "well, we'll see about that," her voice carrying only confidence in it. It was then that the older gentleman looked to the two girls and introduced himself to them. With a pensive look on her face, Hanae snapped her fingers saying, "right you were Kagami's opponent." Giving a quick slap the man's hand, more friendly than aggressive, the girl said, "well, I'm Hanae and this here's a straggler," she pointed towards Ayame. After a short moment she said, "and I'm pretty sure we've been here longer than you. But well, good meeting you." Her voice seemed to care less the more she talked. 




Furiko seemed to be trembling with excitement at the sight of the Aesir. A card of legend and with some form of godly power behind it. A monster with great brute strength that would be able to break through any of her defenses. Furiko recognized the monster she was facing off against. Having watched old footage of Jack Atlas's duels, this was a beast that had gone toe to toe with the King's own ace, and even surpass it at times. And though she had only seen that particular duel once or twice, to be faced against the legend now filled the girl with awe. Trying not to psyche herself out, the girl went to begin her plan to bring the Aesir down. 
“Now, during the end of your turn, I can summon Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon from my pendulum zone to my side of the field in defense mode. Now, my turn!” Drawing her card, the girl looked at her hand before beginning her play. “First, I set my now empty scale with the Scale 2 Descend Dragon Magician. And with both my Scale 2 and 8 I Pendulum summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon.” With sky opening up, two streaks of light rained down onto the field, bringing her two signature dragons back to the field. 
“Another Pendulum Summon. It’s no wonder people aren’t fans of this mechanic,” Rando said with a sigh. “But, summoning two smaller monsters isn’t going to help you against Thor.”
“Not as they are currently at least. But Pendulum is more than just the summoning. I activate my trap card, Echo Oscillation!” As she revealed her face down card, a small golden pendulum appeared in between the two monsters within the scales, swaying from side to side. “With this, once per turn I’m able to target one monster in my pendulum zone and destroy it, and then draw a card as a result.” As she explained this, the swaying pendulum picked up in pace briefly, only to let out a loud echoing sound, destroying Descend Dragon Magician. As she drew her card she continued, “next, I activate my second trap card, Pendulum Switch. With this, once per turn I can target one of my Pendulum Monster on the field or in the pendulum zone and and place them in the opposite. And I choose Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon.”
As she stated this, the gray and purple dragon vanished from its spot and reappeared in the now empty Pendulum Zone. “With all of these pieces together, I’ll bring down your god now. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon attacks Thor, Lord of the Aesir. Next, when a monster of mine battles, and I have another Odd-Eyes monster in my pendulum zone, Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon increases my monster’s attack by 1200.” As she said this, a gray flame surrounded Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, before it began to inhale it in and combine it with its own red and black flame breath. (Atk: 2500 ---> 3700) 
Letting loose its attack the flames struck Thor, and while the Aesir seemed to brace against it, it was soon overcome by the attack, the leftovers spilling over to Rando. “In addition, when Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon battles a monster, all battle damage inflicted by it is doubled.” 
Rando LP (8000 ---> 7600)
Letting out a calm breath, she said, “and now, I end my turn.” 
Rando chuckled to himself, before laughing a bit. “That’s pretty good. You got over Thor once, but, just like a pendulum summon, he’s just going to come back,” The ground began to rumble, almost like an earthquake. “At the end phase of a turn Thor is destroyed, he comes right back onto the field,” Lightning struck and the thunder rumbled as Thor’s hand broke through the ground, pulling itself back into the arena. “And when he’s summoned, he deals you 800 points of damage!!”
Thor rose into the air, lifting a hand into the air, causing lightning to strike Furiko, causing her lifepoints to drop once more. 
Furiko LP (7600 ---> 6800)
“And now, I draw!” He looked at his new card, setting it facedown on the field. “I set one monster and one card. Now, to show you the power of a God!” He pointed at Odd Eyes Pendulum. “I activate Thor’s effect! I can negate your monster’s effect, and then Thor gains that effect!” 
The girl grimaced at the sight of this, clearly anticipating something more as she said, “even still, you won’t be able to get through Odd-Eyes like that.”
“Oh? Let’s put that to the test then!” Rando called out. “Thor attacks Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!!”
As the Aesir went to raise his hammer and strike down the dragon Furiko shouted, “I activate Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon’s effect. When a monster of mine battles one of yours and I have another Odd-Eyes in my pendulum zone, that monster gains 1200 ATK!” A similar gray and purple aura surrounded the dragon as it was about to meet the attack head on with the Aesir. (Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 2500 ---> 3700) “Now my dragon is stronger than your Thor once again.” Rando just wagged a finger in response. 
“That maybe the case for the moment, but don’t underestimate a god. I activate my trap card, Raging Sacred Curse!” The trap card lifted into the air, sending out a blue cord that bound Odd Eyes and pinned it. “I can only activate it when I control a God, and there’s a good reason for that. Until the End Phase, your monster loses 2000 ATK and DEF, and is unaffected by the effects of your Spell and Trap Cards! So not only does your Phantom no longer effect Odd Eyes, he drops down to 500!” (Atk: 3700 ---> 500)
Thor charged forward, his hammer crackling with red lightning. “And since Thor copied Odd Eyes, the damage in this battle will be doubled! Now go! Godly Reaction Force!!” Thor roared as he raised his hammer over his head and smashed it into Odd Eyes, the power of the attack causing a large red beam of light to shoot into the sky and into the clouds.
Furiko LP (6200 ---> 200)
“And with that, I end my turn,”
Gritting her teeth, the girl started to really feel the pressure coming on as her life was nearly depleted in one shot. She was put into dire straights, and it everyone already knew that were she to simply do another head on clash Thor, no matter the outcome, she’d lose. All the same, this was what it meant to go against a god, and one that Jack Atlas had faced no less. And as such, the girl couldn’t give up just yet. 
“No matter what, you won’t get rid of my dragon that easily. During your end phase, I activate the effects of Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon. Since an Odd-Eyes monster I controlled was destroyed, I can destroy one other card in my pendulum zone, and place an Odd-Eyes monster from extra deck in its place.” 
As she called this out, a column of green flame came up from underneath Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, and in its place, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon took its place. “And now, I activate Pendulum Dragons’ effect. During the End Phase, I can destroy this card in my pendulum zone and bring one pendulum monster with 1500 or less attack from my deck to my hand. And I choose Stargazer Magician.” As the dragon self-destructed, the magician ejected itself from her deck and into her hand. 
“The versatility of Pendulums is completely fascinating, if not a bit annoying,” Rando muttered.
“Now, my turn. Draw! First, I set the scale 1 Stargazer Magician in my empty pendulum zone. And now that I have a scale 1 and scale 8 back in, I can pendulum summon once more. So come forth, my monsters!” With that, she brought back Odd-Eyes Pendulum and  Phantom Dragon in attack mode as well as Descend Dragon Magician in defense. “Now, Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, attack his face down monster.” 
As the dragon let loose its stream of purple and gray flame, it washed over the face down, revealing itself to be Mara of the Nordic Alfar, being destroyed in the process. “Next, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, attack his Nordic token.” Complying, the pendulum dragon let loose a black and red stream of flame, destroying the token. “Finally, I activate my trap card Echo Oscillation, using it on Stargazer to draw 1 card.” As she called this out, the same golden pendulum from before swung through the air as it let loose a burst of sound, destroying the magician. “And finally, I activate Pendulum Switch, placing Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in my now free pendulum zone.”
“Not so fast!” Rando called out. “In response to Pendulum Switch, I activate my trap card Nordic Relic Laevateinn! This allows me to destroy a monster that destroyed a monster by battle this turn. To make it even better, you can’t activate anything in response! Now, I choose Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!” A giant golden sword appeared in Thor’s free hand, which was thrown at Odd-Eyes, piercing it and destroying it.
Grimacing as her swap was stopped, the girl still said, “then I set 2 cards face down and end my turn.” 


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"Ah, you'd think, but you see, if my theory is correct, we're in deeper trouble than we first could have imagined...," Wade muttered. "It's obviously... A Nightmare Wheel!!!"

Helena couldn't tell if Wade was referring to the trap card or not, either way she shivered. All this being chased by evil gods and evil humans working for said gods was creeping her out. Shiren, noticing the fear and anxiety in Helena's eyes, placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Will you be alright?" she asked her in a calming voice.

Helena shrugged. "I mean... All of this still bothers me... I'm... I'm not sure if this is what my brother meant about getting out again... But I'm still trying." she said looking up at her duel spirit.

Shiren nodded and took her hand off Helena's shoulder. "Come... You'll need all the rest you can get... Plus you must be curious as to how the inside of this ship looks, correct?" she asked. Helena gave a silent nod as the two of them headed below deck.

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