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[Sakura AGM] 信じたいあの日見つけた光 (RI-ON) [14/?]

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(* insert Dragon Drive OP here *)

A very shadowy archetype that works primarily through subterfuge in Graveyard effects and handtraps, their field presence really just a formality. Generally speaking, they're an archetype of Battle Manias and various battle traps, forcing you to fight them and then just not playing fair once the fight has started. They're solid, destructive, and easily one of the harder archetypes to beat, locking out all effects that don't trigger during the Battle Phase, if it weren't for one rather interesting flaw: Dragons steamroll them. All their powerful, borderline ridiculous effects have a "except Dragon-Type monsters" clause in there somewhere, meaning even a Baby Dragon could faceroll the entire archetype without much effort.



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Reading over the prompt, I don't think I really did the Graveyard-based thing, but the rest of it should've been covered (essentially make it difficult for the opponent to do too much unless you take them on in battle). All members are named after actual cards in the Dragon Drive card game (which is technically Japanese only and defunct at this time). 
Explanation of stuff

I admit that this Archetype is very strong and some of the cards are going to need nerfing (even if the AGM metagame is theoretically close to the actual one, recent hits notwithstanding). As already noted, I am missing more accessible Dragon Synchros for them to access; that will be added at a later time, as will other supports as I deem necessary after reviewing their support techs. For now, I want to consider this technically done, but more might come up (maybe a few more Synchros and that's it)
You know what to do guys, CnC this.

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Wow, it took forever to actually consider add a Level 7 Synchro for them.

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