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Post and I'll ask you a question

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Do you watch any shows?

I collected hats once, and there was a brief bit where I tried collecting Pokémon plushes. Currently though, no.

Which kind of hats did your collection have?

Both. Too much time, and I can overthink or simply put something off until later. Not enough time, I can stress, though I can usually thrive. Some examples to show it is both. Next?

Sounds a lot like my scenario. Anywho:

Favorite Nintendo character?


What game do you currently play?


Why not?

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...Live action you mean? And generally if my siblings are I do but I haven't went out of my way to watch many of them lately.

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Which kind of hats did your collection have?

They're all just regular caps. I have five. I'm looking at them as I type this very post. The one with the eagle on it is my favorite.


It looks like this.


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Nathanael D. Striker

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Assuming I play Nintendo? Don't expect a fulfilling answer with Luigi.


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What video game consoles do you own?

DS, 3DS, Gamecube, Xbox 360, Wii U, Switch. Technically a PS2 as well, but it's in my hometown gathering dust currently.


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What game do you currently play?

Ultra Sun



Rest of Sig

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do pokemon question.

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what the hell sakrua

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