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RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Crossover Slice of Life Action A CowCow RP

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Day 3, 3:00, Some grimy bar

Points: 182

W/L Record: 2/1

"I don't give a fuck if you're the Queen of the Galaxy girlie, keeping me here against my will is a crime." It was then this man - who Aurora had suspected was merely a grimy drunk - opened his jacket, revealing both a gun and more importantly, a police badge! He was an officer too! ...was it wrong to feel a bit upset about barring the door like that now that she knew he was an officer of the law? It felt like locking an officer in was worse than just some random drunk... but that felt like a wrong thing to say. "You Arena crowd think you can do whatever you want don't you? Just cause that bitch Mauvache is watching your backs. Well she ain't here now is she?"


"I am sorry about locking you in, Officer, but I would have done it regardless of if Mauvache is watching me. Even if you were Mauvache, I'd still do it, because it's what I felt like I had to do at the time."


Even more surprising than the good officer's identity as such, however, was what followed. The girl that what's-his-name and Xia had come with wrote out a word in mid-air. She had pretty handwriting, but Aurora's curiosity about why she chose the word "melt" didn't last very long, before the ice Aurora had put up to keep the officer in so she could ask questions melted, right before her eyes! Talk about impressive!


"You best leave this alone. We already have a dozen men dead and an officer down. Don't need a stupid fucking kid getting killed too."


"Kids, am I right? They think they're hot sh‚Äčit just 'cause they happen to have power. Still, this whole bar killer thing... it's got me interested. How about we get away from there... children... and you fill me in a bit on our murderous friend. I'll even buy ya drink!"


"With all due respect, not leaving things alone when police and citizens are in danger is exactly what people in my line of work are supposed to do where I come from. I'll stop bothering you for information, but I'm going to help figure it out and bring the criminal to justice, however I can."


This investigation wasn't off to the best start, as far as she could tell.

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