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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Smash characters? xD
As much as I would like a Dragon Bowser or the Mario Bros. possibly as fire and thunder mages, they seem much more unlikely to be added than LoZ characters. Pit and Palutena would fit right in, though.
Anyway, rolled for the new Bride banner, shows 1 colorless, 2 blues, 2 greens, I decide to go for the colorless and blues, and the last Blue gives me Micaiah!, such a sweet deal since I wasn't too interested in any of the brides to be honest, but discount rolls and the chance of getting them are welcomed. Sadly, it's +HP/-Atk >.>
Also checking the Shiro from before, it's +Atk/-HP, not so bad, although Res is the ideal bane, but definitely better then the +Res/-Atk I had xD
Now I'm not sure if I should merge, or keep the previous Shiro for inheritance. Although I already spent an Earth blessing on it.

Speaking of Link and Pit for Fire Emblem Heroes, soneone on the internet has once made an animation of them battling. They also have some other amusing/cool animations, though some might be a bit short.

Didn't get anything meaningful from the rerun of last year's brides. Ladt year I got most of them with somewhat usable natures, so I will leave the banner for what it is.

God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow


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Oh yeah I forgot to tell the tale of my rolls for the last year's brides. It was a wild one.


First roll I had a blue and four colorless.

Ended up getting both Lyn and Cordelia. The former I wanted for design and the latter for stats. Sadly they were both -Atk.

Then I rolled again and the first orb I got was a +Atk -HP Charlotte who is the one I most wanted.

So pretty happy overall.

Might give my +Atk -Def Maria Dazzling Staff cause she's the best combo of good unit and favorite character of the staff users I have atm. I like Lissa more but she's bad iirc? And I don't have any of the top staff users.




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New stance banner, free pull was 4* Sophia but the pull after that got me a +Res -Def F!Morgan, woohoo! She'll replace my current +Def -HP F!Morgan and that one will be used for fodder so I can give Oliver Blarserpent.



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Free pull from the stance banner gave me a M-Grima. +spd -def, but its free so whatever.  They released 3 banners close to the legendary one, one of the have Zelgius. They're really trying to bait people to pull.


Astro Dude

Astro Dude

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I wasted my orbs on the Tharja bride pull, nothing. Good thing June starts this week. Freebies.

Here's to Fire Emblem Warriors.
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