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Convulsion of God

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    I point to you.

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Monsters: 21

1 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Phoenix Mode

2 The Winged Dragon of Ra

3 Assault Dog

3 Gishki Diviner

3 Marshmallon

3 Spirit Reaper

3 Marshmacaron

3 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode


Spells: 15

3 Magical Mallet

3 The True Name

3 Spellbook Organization

3 Convulsion of Nature

3 Archfiend's Oath


Traps: 4

1 Meteor Flare

3 Fruits of Kozaky's Studies





Something weird.


Use Convulsion of Nature with Diviner, Oath, and True Name to add cards to hand.


True Name lets you add the top card, followed by Sphere Mode to remove 3 of the opponent's monsters and becomes a 4k Ra.


You can dump Phoenix Mode from the top by deliberately declaring the wrong name (unless some ruling says no while Convulsion's out.) You can also discard it with Meteor Flare.


Marsh and Reaper stall, while Dog and Macaron thin the deck by 2.


If you don't have Convulsion, Organization and Kozaky's Studies let you look at the top cards so you can use Diviner, Oath, and True Name. Otherwise, you can use them to stack the top 3.

Spooky (not really)

Spooky (not really)

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Instead of Kozaky, why not play Advance Card? Look at top 5 and it's a spell, so quicker to use.

Rep Card by Jay (small stats, fierce impact)

Found this, I'm alive, f*** ya'll

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