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[Shadowverse] Tempo Daria

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Not-so-Radiant Arin

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Because I want to use scum tactics in order to win, too!


Really want to fit in a 3rd Blade Mage and a 3rd Flame Destroyer, but I have absolutely no idea what to drop.


goddamnit names are a pain

goddamnit names are a pain

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I'd cut both Flame Destroyers, add a blade mage, cut the fate's hands, and add in Summon Iceform to three.

Flame Destroyer clogs a ton, and in general is too slow to get a real benefit from being played in the deck.

Iceform is a flex slot, but one that is doing very, very, very well against Roach and other Daria decks.

Fate's hand just clogs more, makes you deck out, or hit multiple darias more than it will help you.

The rest looks good.


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