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Hi mates.


Guest, the last post on this topic is over 30 days old and a new post will be considered as necrobumping!

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Hello, my name Is Ryuto111 but you can call me by my real name If you want. (Which is "Ahmad" or "Chris" (Always wanted to change my name Lol) I hope we'll become great friends and such. My Duel Portal Is Ryuto1111. I guess you quite knew that already. My main custom deck is Sun HERO's their more advance than the original Elemental HERO and much more stronger. But they're not tougher than that new Frog Deck they're talking about really OP man. So anyways...Stay fresh. :P


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Hello Ryuto, and a belated welcome to YCM since I see you've already done some posting. I'm Yui and you probably won't see much of me unless you venture into RP in the future.


Normally this is the part where I soup up a quick paragraph about making sure to read the rules, but you've already got six posts so I'm going to just assume you've already done that. Which, if you haven't, get on that shit. Questions can be directed to staff or more experienced members (don't come to me with custom card questions) and that should about wrap up my usual welcome shtick. Be good, don't make and ass of yourself, and most importantly, have fun.


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Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Looking at post history, outside of an attempt at doing OOC, his stuff lies in CC.


But yeah, late "welcome to YCM" thing. 

If you didn't look at the rules the last time you posted, please do so now. This includes Custom Cards stuff and the general rulebook.


Like Yui mentioned, ask either one of us (the staff members) or a veteran if you need help. 

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I've been in Yu-Gi-Oh Forms before. So yes, I got the rules down from left to right and up to down. So I'm good. But thanks for reminding me anyways mates.





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