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[Finished]VCCR_1: Rival Rumble [FINISHED]

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z3rC0Pn.png?1Black - 186 pointsz3rC0Pn.png?1

nwoGEvf.png?1Parenthesis - 183 pointsnwoGEvf.png?1

FjmLGoc.png?1Kid Gambino - 181 pointsFjmLGoc.png?1

Runner Up: Dragon Sage - 166 points


Remaining Standings


5th Place: Garland Chaos - 150 points

6th Place: Reptilious - 130 points

7th Place: Hiroshi - 122 points

8th Place: Belle - 118 points

9th Place: JellisOP - 86 points



Thank you all for participating! There were some very good cards among this bunch and judging was not an easy job! Prizes will be awarded to the victors once I am able to do so (not at home right now orz). Until then, thank you for playing and I hope to see you next time!


Enjoy my comprehensive guide to Train Decks!

As well as my comprehensive guide to Cardian Decks!





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I can now post the cards I designed around Sterlingflame!


Good game to everyone. I had a lot of fun designing it and the cards around it, after the fact.


That said, while I don't disagree with the logic (like, not even 1% disagree) about it being too cluttered... that's kinda what happens with ED pendulums >>;


They have to have a placement effect of some sort, which makes the card look clunky right away, even though t only has 1 activated effect and 1 continuous effect.


Clear Wing Fast Dragon taught us that JUST having a resummon P-Effect doesn't really work, especially one that was restricted like hers, so I felt I had to do a little more, and leaving it without the resummon made it feel underwhelming.


I definitely agree that the clutteredness is an issue, though.


i wonder if anyone realized the biggest twist, cause neither of you mentioned it =v=

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Well gg everyone, this was fun regardless of the outcome.



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Grats to those who got to the top 3, and good game to everyone who entered! It was fun to design the card, even if I didn't end up getting that high of a grade.  :444813_key:

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