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Draconus's AGM Legacy Support Thread!

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Didn't realize quite how much support you had until now. Wow.


I like how Barricade can easily tag out of your GY for consistency's sake, so that it doesn't get shuffled into the Deck with the rest of the monsters. Great idea. Shame most of the Gold Spear monsters send cards from the Deck to the GY as a cost, BUT I am actually reposting them shortly and making it an effect, so leave it as it is. Also, Barricade Counter's slight stat boost actually fits with the idea of barricading along with being useful. Hooray. Last effect should probably read "you can remove 2 Barricade Counters from this card instead.", but other than me thinking it should perhaps remove 3 due to how many counters it can stack up, pretty nifty to have protection as well.

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Thanks! I actually have 432 cards logged in this thread, all for plugging holes in archetypes that wanted or needed a given card or set of them. In some cases, I gave ways for an archetype to work without support; in others, I gave ways to play well with others, or made a given disparate set of cards that didn't work well together cohesion in goal. In a lot of cases, all I really had to do was give a couple of things that made their boss/win condition more accessible, or give them a boss to act as an end goal.

Barricade was designed as Realm of Light for Gold Spears but not aggressively awful, fixing just about all the mistakes of that card and adding in the fun tag-to-field effect. I'm glad you like it!
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