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Post and I'll say something I both like and dislike about you

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Memories from DN

ahhh the good old days

Old roblox forever <3



    You stand in the presence of Sanaki, Empress of Begnion.

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I wish we did too! I might go back in soon to restart that PMD RP I was going to host a while back, so if you're looking to RP, I guess keep an eye out for that? I still write though! I just don't post what I work on much. :P


Honestly, I don't know you very well. We've been in maybe... One/two RP's together that I remember and we never did talk much in those, so I feel bad for saying it. >>''


The few times we did talk, you always seemed really nice and I liked seeing what you did in the RP section, cause even if I'm not in RP's I occasionally look through them to see what's going on. Your stuff is always solid and I can't say anything negative about it...


I can't say much negative about you, cause I don't really see you around enough to do it. With others, there are easily observed negative habits, but I haven't really seen any for you. Dx

I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for that! :D I'm glad you still write though. :)

Yeeeeah we weren't in enough together makes me saaaad you're a good birdie. :'(

Welp I'm really flattered to hear you say that though. Tbh I felt the same way about you and your stuff. I still remember that PMD fic you did, not just the RP. :D

Well I have a few though I can't blame you for not seeing them as they're not super obvious. Mainly just lazy and not online often enough to really get to know people like I'd want to aside from the RP section.

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