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The Neo New Make a Fusion Monster Game

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Night Jar

DARK/Machine-Type Fusion Flip Effect Monster/Level 2/900 ATK/1000 DEF


Lore: 2 monsters, including a Rock monster and a Flip monster

FLIP: Declare 5 card names; until the end of the next turn, if a card(s) with 1 of the declared names is sent to the GY, immediately apply 1 of these effects.
● Draw 1 card, then discard 1 card, except a card with the declared name. 
● Send 1 card on the field to the GY, except a card with the declared name.
● The ATK of 1 monster on the field becomes 1000.
Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can change this card to face-down Defense Position.
In the same vein as "Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon", let's make a Fusion whose Fusion Materials are less numbers of the Fusion Materials its larger form (that has to exist in TCG/OCG) requires, that is also 2 Levels lower than that monster. The catch? It can't be a LIGHT monster.

BDS's new TCG/OCG Card Grading Metric
BD'S' 10 Credos of Cardmaking
The Eternal Debate: Can another Duel Spirit turned Boss-in-Three go together with Yubel in harmony?

I mean, s'not like I'm wholly obsessed with the greatest antagonist in Yugioh history some random Duel Spirit or something...

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Brought to you by The BlaDeS of Change Workshop, now also available on DeviantArt.

And remember kids...

In this world, overcome the odds one card at a time. EVERYONE STARTS AS SCRAP. S'up to you whether you forge it into the change you want to see or not.



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That seems... Awfully specific.

Three-Headed Dragon
DARK 10*
3 Dragon monsters
This monster gains the Attributes of its Fusion Materials. This card is unaffected by the effects of opponent's monsters that share an Attribute with this card. At the start of your Battle Phase, you can discard 1 card: This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls that are face-down or share an Attribute with this card once each.

An Insect Fusion monster.
Hello, fine peoples!

Oh hey, something notable I guess

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Ah yes, the Type with literally one Fusion.  Let's retrain it!


Kuwagules Superbug
Level 6 EARTH Insect/Fusion
2 Insect Normal Monsters
If this card is Fusion Summoned: You can target up to 3 Insect monsters in your GY; add them to your hand. During the Battle Phase (Quick Effect): You can reveal any number of Insect monsters in your hand, shuffle them into the Deck, then draw the same number of cards, and if you do, this card gains 300 ATK for each until the end of the Battle Phase. If this card is destroyed and sent to the GY: You can add 1 monster that has an effect that equips itself to a monster, from your Deck to your hand. You can only use each effect of "Kuwagules Superbug" once per turn.


Next: A Processlayer/Zan-Ki Fusion.  Including an S/T that does this with the monster is optional.




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Triangle Processlayer Pythagoras
ATK 2500
2 "rocesslayer" monsters
When this card destroys a monster by battle: You can target up to 2 cards in your opponent's GY; banish them. If this card is destroyed by battle, or if this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by an opponent's card effect: You can Set 1 "rocesslayer" Spell/Trap from your Deck or GY, also if it is a Trap Card, it can be activated this turn. You can only use each effect of "Triangle Processlayer Pythagoras" once per turn.
Decided not to make a S/T for them. Do note that Cynet Fusion works with them.
N/C: A Fusion Spirit monster.

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